Friends, Food, Fun, and Fabulous Decor!

  On Saturday our friends amused us by letting us host a holiday gathering. The party was an informal affair (the only kind a bunch of mechanics would tolerate), but I must have festive flair in the air, so I mixed in all the practicalities needed for a casual affair with the holiday table setting.


The blue Ball jars add the perfect mix of strong, enduring, and practical to tone down the glitz.


The wooden recipe box is a great place to tuck in some everyday napkins “more manly than the red, holly…


A formal setting would have made this crowd uncomfortable, so the napkin and casual placemat just welcome each guest to have a seat and enjoy. (Finger licking acceptable!)


Extra tooth picks and plasticware included…

DSCN4175  DSCN4177  

DSCN4180        A lovely tray of beer nuts…


Some gifts for our guests…


For the ladies…


For the Gents…

(for my southern readers that’s an ice scraper, gloves and flashlight)


A couple of happy hosts…


Merry Christmas Party!

Flashback to Fall

Since the school year began, I have been less than regular at blogging. Our weather here in Iowa was abnormally warm the last couple of days. Sitting at the park this afternoon without a heavy winter coat, scarves, and gloves made it feel like a beautiful autumn day. Because the fall skipped by me here in the land of blog, I want to take a look back at some of my favorite moments of fall.



A visit with family from far and near for Labor Day


High school football


Handsome cowboys

A visit to the pumpkin patch


The remarkable moments of childhood


A little fall photography


Sunrise over the harvested fields…aka…the back yard


6 days of Christmas decorating…

Although I L-O-v-e working with new fashions and trends in holiday decorating, there’s nothing that makes me smile and crave the heart of Christmas (the kitchen of course!) like red and green.

Here are two very different looks that can blend so well to bring the relaxed contemporary look together with a more traditional and elegant feel…

7 days of Christmas decorating

I think of this look as an "enchanted forest". It takes the natural elements that are irresistible to me…pinecones, birch, twigs, ivory, sage, chocolate. All shades and textures found in nature. The trick to a contemporary and festive new look is the shimmer, glitter, and shine that’s layered into the elements. Easy to incorporate into our looks in our homes…

DSCN4018 DSCN4019

8 more days of Christmas decorating

A quick and simple way to take your lanterns from summer and make them the centerpiece of Christmas..

9 days of Christmas decorating…

Unless your Cindy Lou Who this look probably isn’t for your living room, but small touches can be worked in to so many creative decor schemes. Family room, kids room, bathroom, hallway…

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