Feeling like Fall

In the spring I so envy my southern blog friends. There spring starts so early and their growing seasons lasts so long. But, this time of year is THE BEST for living in the Midwest...

It also gave me a good chance to use the abundance of pumpkins we've had scattered about.

We have had SUCH great weather! 

The dry weather is sure helping the farmers get the crops in!

I love decorating outdoors for the fall season.

The entrance to R7 says come on in.

These huge trellises were fun to work with this year.

I even drove the T-posts down myself...

No wonder cowboys have such big muscles.

I was pretty excited when this wagon didn't sell at The Farmhouse Market.

It's such a fun piece...

My purple fountain grass is the star of the front porch.

Pumpkins peek out against the fall foliage of sun-loving impatiens.

How do you welcome friends and family home for the harvest?

The Farmhouse Market

Saturday morning we set up at The Farmhouse Market for a fall sale.
I took the kids and my mama and we had such a good time!!


And the view from The Farmhouse Market is gorgeous.

After our sale at The Barn, our displays were a little light 
but at 9am the line of shoppers were awaiting.

I told Daniel "Better watch out...they come in like hungry animals."
He says..."They can hear you - you know???"

Our smallest cowboy had a plan to make a little cash....

Cowboy was a little disappointed to see the rocker sell. He thinks someday we will have time to sit on the porch and rock together. I'm still waiting.

The boys worked together to get the rocker to the car and then it was break time I guess.

My flea market sweetheart stayed ready to serve all day.
She might have a new plan to start selling aprons...

The Farmhouse Market was such a great way to get in the mood for the Fall season!

I'm glad to have our last sale done for this year, and it's time to get R7 ready for fall!
I have a new plan for fall decor this year so come back soon...

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing!!

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Scenes from the Barn

It's on my bucket list to drive through the countryside stopping at my every whim to snap photos of barns that catch my eye! Although I wouldn't see it from the road, The Barn would be on the list of photo ops.

Over the weekend, I join the Barn Girls for a fun-filled weekend of mingling, laughing, and treasure hunting. I set up shop and so enjoyed getting to share stories and projects and dreams as streams of customers made their way in and out of the booth.

Setting up was half the fun!

R7 was well represented and I enjoyed sharing more about our family.

Shoppers came early and stayed through the weekend!

A useful box for carrying things...

Or  perhaps you carry a bit more with you...
Seriously...any great ideas for how to use these pieces??

Don't forget the snack!

This large basket was quite the 'talked about' piece of the weekend!

And a little to my disappointment...it has a new home...

This was my favorite small piece. I'm a sucker for that color.

Cowboy had to snap a shot of his favorite vendor.

Friday night we even enjoyed this beautiful sunset together as we closed out shop.

We had to restock for day two, so we brought in the old chicken coop door.

This frame for building a canoe didn't last long.

A friend helped keep up with the crowds and we displayed her photography on an old bed frame.

I'll be looking for another of these soon!

These just put me in the mood to entertain.

Saying goodbye to a couple of satisfied customers!

Tearing down and cleaning up the very few items we had left!
I was still smiling but exhausted!

Flea Market Family Fun

I'll be honest gals. After posting my excitement for the sale at The Barn, I soon had stage fright. Maybe it was failure fright. Either way, by Thursday night I was a hot mess of nerves.

Silly me.

Not only was the show a huge success, but SO much fun! Here's a quick look at some of my favorite pieces, but look for a full post soon.

My treasures were wiped out clean! 
That left me in a panic for this weekend's show at The Farmhouse Market.

Then that cowboy of mine reminded me of the final flea market of the year happening in the town where we were headed to visit family. Genius he is! Shhh..it will go to his head.

So off we went working as a family team. Cowboy loading, Daniel guarding my precious piles, and Hailey and me working the vendors for sweet deals. We were in and out in under two hours with a full truckload. I think this weekend's show is going to offer even better pieces than last week!

I'm not too sure yet if I can part with this perfectly patina'd bucket!

I bought the wire basket without even knowing it fit perfectly into this crate as a drawer!!

Ahhh...the charm of a bucket and dipper.

Any ideas on this rack? I'm thinking pie rack but maybe you know another purpose...

Have a seat. Let's talk about it.

See ya next weekend at The Farmhouse Market!

From R7 to you--
Be a blessing.

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