Reclaimed Family: Encouragment for Blended Families

You don't have to hang out around R7 for very long before you start to sniff it out...

Not the compost pile. Although we do have one of those, what you will catch on to pretty quickly is our attraction to second chances. Sometimes it's junk piles turned into functional furniture.

Other times it's animals that need a little extra TLC. In our most ambitious moments, homes that need a new life. We enjoy all of this, but the one thing we love most is what reclaimed living does for people.

Our family is what you could call a reclaimed family -- saved by grace and put together through a second chance. Second chance at love, commitment, grace and family.

Cowboy and I put our life before you here and on social media not for any glory to ourself, because most of the time we eat humble pie right here in front of y'all, but in hopes that we can encourage others and point you to the One who holds all this crazy broken mess together!

While nourishing our own family, Cowboy and I would also love to become more vocal about encouraging others who (no matter what their stories) live with and love a reclaimed family.

A big step in launching this is to attend the Summit on Stepfamily Ministry. try to support the cost of us attending this conference...ALL of our sales made through R7 Reclaimed Vintage Studio in the month of August will be used toward expenses for us beginning this adventure at the Summit!

If you are interested in shopping with us I will be posting on our FB page and Instagram. If you see something you like comment with your email and we will send you an invoice.

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From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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