A Decorator's Tree

I can't wait to decorate with a few of my favorite things!  Well -- just as soon as we recover from our renovation and TV shoot. I feel like I'm going to be decorating in a hurry this year, so I got a jump start with a small tree up in the office nook.

As a buyer and merchandiser, my favorite season to set up for was Christmas! I think everyone should be privy to the secrets of a designer tree, so here's a little tidbit tutorial on decorating an artificial tree. (If you just can't get enough -- here's a look back at some of the designer trees.)

Step 1: Add something that wraps around. 

Often "garland" like things are added last, but it should really be the first. 
Use anything that fits your style --- ribbon, burlap, garland - even fabric twisted together. 
On this tree I used grape vine. 

 Step 2: Add texture
On of the secrets of designers is less hanging and more "stuffing" things into the tree. 

These little birch twigs were clearance "trees" last year. I cut the base off and use them for texture stuck into the tree.

Step 3: Add something sparkly -- it's the holidays!
Again think sparkly sticks or even tree branches painted with glitter that can be tucked into the tree.

Step 4: Add something soft -- flowers or ribbon or poinsettias or paper flowers....

Step 5: Check for balance of all of the elements you have so far

At this point you should still have gaps.

Step 6: Put something BIG on the tree. A few chunky things that make a statement.

For me I like to add older greens and always something red!

Stand back and admire for a minute...

Step 7: Add something personal

Step 8: Add ornaments and a topper, but the traditionalist in me reserves this for after Thanksgiving!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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A look around the office nook

Although it wasn't the topic of the shoot, the film crew really loved the office nook.
It really is my favorite space in the house too. I think it's because there's only room for a few people at a time. This makes it a quiet escape from the madness we are addicted to here at R7.

I'll show you around the room and how inexpensively I furnished a rustic elegant space.

Although the room feels decluttered and peaceful, it's actually very hard-working.
Hard working is a requirement for survival here at R7.

This old nail box from a hardware store works great for office supplies. (It was $7 at an auction!)
The cherry blossoms actually got laid there while cleaning, and it just sort of stuck. 
I use some of these in my Christmas tree decor. You can see the tutorial here.

The cabinet works well for storing our electronics and games. Some day I'm going to drill a hole through the back for the cords. 
That footstool was an unbelievable garage sale steal for $20 in mint condition!

This little wooden box that I picked up over the summer for $20 screamed out at the teacher in me. Cubbies are a teacher's best friend! 
I use it to store all of the current papers for church, school, and such.

The desk is an old bankers desk I picked up at a resale shop for $40. I don't sit at it much ever so the stool is just an illusion that you could sit there. I use the surface space and drawers every day so it's worth having in the main space of the house. Pull those handles out and it's a file drawer!! 
Genius design I say!

I need a few photography tips for taking a pic of a flat wall. I struggled with this.

This is my favorite thing in the room!

The lamp was Goodwill for $4 and the table it's on just $6 at an auction. If it has some old ugly wood and can be used to store and organize clutter --- It comes home with me.

Against the soft fabrics and colors the room takes on what I call rustic elegance.

From R7 to you --
Be a Blessing.

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The office: From nook to now

It's that "in between" time again. Last year I really enjoyed decorating "the nook" for this time of year.
This year because of the TV project,  I'm not decorating too much for the in between.
Plus, I should probably show you how much the nook has changed!

This wall was between the nook with the spiral stairs and the office.
One day, I woke up and had enough of that silly old wall - and ---

Oh yeah -- THAT was fun!

Cowboy and I had a good time.

I'm not going to lie the room looked like this for months...

But once we got those spirals out and put the floor down -- WOW!!

Although my inspiration looked more like this,


I'm really excited about how rustic and comfortable it turned out using what I found by shopping my house instead!

I'll still paint the window wall a statement color and add trim details...

 but for now - I'm L-O-V-in' it!!!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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Doing it anyway

If it's going to do this

Then I'm going to do this -

And not feel bad about it in spite of this...

Prepping for TV

I'm so far behind on updating what we've been doing here at R7.

In addition to chasing down escaped ponies and children, we have been very busy on the the house we call home. I promise I'll share some pics of that madness soon. 

But, this months big news (besides being thankful all month and blogging from my iPhone 6!) is our basement remodel we are about to tackle IN FRONT of  cameras!! That's right Wednesday we start shooting. 

Last night we went to pick up a few supplies. 

A new hat was first in the list so I can look official and such. 

Just to prove I wasn't just shopping for accessories.

A couple of my boys pushing some of the load to the front. 

Surprisingly the normally busy hardware store wasn't a happening place on a Friday night. Hmmm. That's interesting. 

Also of interest to many is how we ended up being chosen for the show so he's our cheesy video where I look like a big mouthed know it all. Guess they like that.

And here's our legit video explaining the project. http://youtu.be/s4fK5FFwhq4

Be back soon with more!

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