Piles of Pallets

For decades, piles of pallets have set behind warehouses completely unnoticed. Until some creative folks put them in high demand with designers and DIY’s everywhere!

One of the first pallet ideas I fell in love with was a backsplash

pallet backsplash

While I was in Atlanta, many showrooms were using pallet displays


I’ve even seen bloggers create entire pallet walls

pallet wall

While we did order a reclaimed wood bed that I’m eager to see, and I would L-O-ve to have a mini bar in our basement family room made of pallet someday, I haven’t taken the plunge with pallets. I do have a (less glamorous) usefully inspiring pallet project to share though.


I have wanted a REAL compost pile for almost 10 years!! This is something only gardeners or farm folks will understand, but these industrial pallets make a great 2 bin compost right off of the pen where I get the most “stuff.” We have a piece that we put in front of it to keep other animals out, but it works great and went up quite easily and for $5!

I told you it wasn’t all that inspiring, but doing chores is more fun with a good looking place to put “it”…

Tour of Homes Summer 2013

I’m looking for inspiration in my new blank slate of a home, so I’m excited to peek inside the homes featured on the tour.

Want to join me??

Summer Showcase of Homes 2

Click here for the schedule and links

I guarantee we will be inspired, enjoy some relaxation, and meet new friends along the way.

Be sure to let them know that I sent you…

Celebrating 100th post

While it could be argued that I should give up my blog for lack of consistency and momentum...three years later I find myself writing my 100th post!

I've been wanting to start a few different series for well...a couple of years. In an effort to jump start my blogging soul I am going to attempt a couple of those. Now...I've always been a fan of saying "Don't make promises you can't keep," so this is not so much a promise as a plea with myself to make time for something I really do L-O-ve!!

I L-O-ve the reflection, the simplicity, and the community of blogging. I L-O-ve sharing sneak peeks. I L-O-ve the kind words of comments from those you know and those you don't. I L-O-ve capturing images. I L-O-ve writing in a way that creates a new image. I L-O-ve the feel of a completed post too, so I'll stop talking about all the things I L-O-ve about blogging and get back to actually blogging.

To celebrate, I think there’s nothing more fitting than introducing “Where I Come From.” Here I will post pictures of what captures life here in the simple and all too often forgotten Heart of America and things that have been a part of making me “me” – for better or worse!





How about you – where do you come from?

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