Our Knot

Well it started like this...
Like all couples we wanted the day to reflect our relationship and lifestyle.
Romantic, simple, elegant, rustic, beautiful, and fun.

The scene was set with an outdoor ceremony with a simply lined aisle of white mums and my daddy's boots.

Here come's the bride... 
 Since we met we’ve never been a couple.
We've always been one.
I look forward to waking up and
being one with you every day.

I will celebrate that oneness by being one
with you in heart, mind and body.

I promise to make you smile every day.

I promise to let laughter be the melody
that rings in our home.

You have taught me what true love is.
I vow to love you and Austin unconditionally
for the rest of my life.

I will love your children as my own.
Strive to be their mentor and friend and
faithfully support you to be the best
father you can be.

I promise to always be there for you physically,
 emotionally, and spiritually.

I promise to stand by you in each trial and trouble
of life allowing faith to always take the place of fear.
As we look to the future in hope,
making promises in faith,
“We know that the greatest gift is love.”
…and I promise above all else and all others to love you.

And let's not forget the party...

Oops...I think we better end the story here!
And this is happily ever after...

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