Waiting for perfection

I love to blog.
I want to blog well.
I want to blog perfectly.

I love to teach.
I want to teach well.
I want to teach perfectly.

I love to design.
I want to design well.
I want to design perfectly.

I love to parent.
I want to parent well.
I want to parent perfectly.

I love to love.
I want to love well.
I want to love perfectly.

I can't blog, teach, design, parent, or love well as long as I'm letting "perfectly" be a player.

I must let God love perfectly. I must let Him alone be perfect. I must love being perfected by Him.

I must blog on, teach on, design on, parent on, and love on...
...even...(I don't like this part)...when it's not perfect.

I'm back.

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