Thoughts from the garden

Tonight I spent a little quiet time in the garden. It wasn't just good for my garden, but good for my soul too.

Maybe it's because it was late in the day, maybe because it was quiet, or maybe because I was resigned to gardening while sitting on a 5 gallon bucket. (Word to the wise...after 30...sliding into second base = not a good idea.)

Either way while babying my swollen ankle and pulling the weeds that are completely out of control in our vegetable garden I pondered the parallels of what's happening in the garden to what too often happens in our lives and hearts.

You see it started with a few little weeds that I was "too busy" to stop and pull. Before I knew it the problem grew bigger and the weeds seemed so overwhelming I didn't even know where to start! Now I'm working my way row by row pulling up big, stubborn weeds from hardened ground and wishing I had stayed on top of it.

Then I got to thinking about negative influences or attitudes in our life. At first it's just a few harmless sarcastic words. When we don't recognize right away the damage they can do in the garden of our heart before we know it we are ignoring those negative "weeds" and forgetting the beauty of producing love and goodness. We've all had moments when we've also had to just start row by row too...

I'm surely glad that Jesus taught in parables. It seems like maybe he knew the value of our learning from the little things.

A nook at a time

I'm baaaack!!

What a year it has been for me as a mom back in action full time outside of the home . They always say that the first year of teaching is tough, but let me tell you I could have used a little WD-40. I was a little rusty at dancing backwards in high heels...

As my cowboy once learned from an old man who had lost out on much: "You can't really make up for lost time so don't try --just jump in where you're at and start making it count."

That's my motto for this summer and jump in did I! Anyone who knows me knows I have a tendency to jump into the deep end only. I love the feeling of fighting back to the top and enjoying that feeling of freedom when you're head is finally above water.

After an awesome week of doing this...

 I came home to our new (to us) house! Ignoring the unfinished floors and unpacked boxes I styled myself a little place to throw those feet up right here in the middle of my messy, beautiful life.

The picture quality isn't very good, but other than my mud boots there is not ONE new item in that picture...
all found on delightful treasure hunts!
Oops...these were probably bought new too...
Anyway...Happy Summer!!!
Where's your nook?

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