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Verse of the week: "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer." Ps. 19:14

Reclaimed Family: Encouragment for Blended Families

You don't have to hang out around R7 for very long before you start to sniff it out...

Not the compost pile, although we do have one of those, but what you will catch on to pretty quickly is our attraction to second chances. Sometimes it's junk piles turned into functional furniture.

Other times it's animals that need a little extra TLC. In our most ambitious moments, homes that need a new life. We enjoy all of this, but the one thing we love most is what reclaimed living does for people.

Our family is what you could call a reclaimed family -- saved by grace and put together through a second chance. Second chance at love, commitment, grace and family.

Cowboy and I put our life before you here and on social media not for any glory to ourself, because most of the time we eat humble pie right here in front of y'all, but in hopes that we can encourage others and point you to the One who holds all this crazy broken mess together!

Recently, we distributed as many children about as we could and Cowboy held down the fort while I slipped away for a few days of encouragement and training in writing and speaking. I also had this quiet little secret of meeting with a couple of publishers while I was there. God had a big surprise for me and one of the publishers really loved my idea and would like to see it proposed for print.

This means that while nourishing our own family, Cowboy and I would also love to become more vocal about encouraging others who no matter what their stories -- live with and love a reclaimed family every day.

A big step in launching this is to attend the Summit on Stepfamily Ministry. try to support the cost of us attending this conference...ALL of our sales made through R7 Reclaimed Vintage Studio in the month of August will be used toward expenses for us beginning this adventure at the Summit!

If you are interested in shopping with us I will be posting on our FB page and Instagram. If you see something you like comment with your email and we will send you an invoice.

Most importantly -- Thank You for LOVING us and we ask that you PRAY with us!

Oh...and we live in a share and share alike kind of world so if you would share us wherever you hang out online we would be so grateful!

Real Life Family Room Tour

Our family room/living room is one of my favorite rooms in our house and I'm so glad to share it with you here for Kelly's Korner -- Real Life home tours!

When we moved into our ranch we made what was supposed to be the living room our dining room.
So for a couple of years we had a make shift living room in the basement.

We made it the best we could, but it was so DARK and dreary.
One day when I couldn't take it anymore, I went online in hopes of some HGTV dream come true!!

Well I didn't find it, but we did invite a crew to come out and film us making our dreams come true! 
That's right you can read all about our CRAZY feature on Renovation Realities here if you want.

I found a fireplace on Craigslist for $300 and you can read here about the adventures of installing a gas fireplace when you have no idea how.

I wanted to keep the timeless appeal of marble and hardwood but wanted it to reflect our reclaimed and repurposed style so I went with a cedar plank above the fireplace that is whitewashed and features an antique wooden medallion reclaimed from an old university building.

I try to keep the room simple and ready to be filled with people and love and laughter rather.

However those people do come with 'stuff' so I use every bin and basket I can find to tame the clutter. We are taking a new family approach in 2016.

I'm eager to see other living rooms on the tour...
Would you be CRAZY enough to DIY on TV? can still view the episode online.

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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Celebrating Summer with Barn Sales

It has been a whirlwind of events here around R7.

Such excitement with the end of the school year, a special graduation done in high style, and 2 of our favorite  Barn sales of the year!!

Both of these sales are on private residences boasting of Iowa charm and hospitality.

Shoppers were lined up at the gate to be the first to get a sneak peek at all that was offered.

This just beams with summer delight and makes you smile doesn't it?

Someday I might up a Yield sign in our home.
Sort of a reminder that true joy comes from putting others before ourselves.

The Shop in Kalona does up a sweet camper that just makes you want to climb inside.
It's a mobile version of a sweet 'she-shed'
I should get one as a getaway to do my writing.

Here's a few peeks of what R7 had to offer at the shows...

These sweet reclaimed wood tables haven't found their perfect home just yet.

One of my favorite little items is this lemonade server and cute glasses too match.

I was thinking enamelware was losing it's place, but these ladies were CRAZY for it!

I'm enjoying a couple weeks of catching up with family and around the house, and sneaking in some writing, but we will be back on the trail headed to the Gypsy Chix Downtown Fair next weekend!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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Simply Elegant Graduation Party

If you love a good party -- read on!

This time last year we were excited in planning our oldest's graduation in style...

And here we are this year planning another beautiful day for our beautiful daughter.

It's a complicated thing planning two graduations in a year. You see, these sweet grads joined us late in their high school years, so I want all of it to reflect their roots and wings.

We need a place where a mix of people from separated and blended families can all feel welcome and comfortable here in the heart of our small community.

From the look of her face I think we nailed it...

The whole party setup was a surprise and one of the best surprises was this...

This is an old feeder full of mason jars of ICE CREAM!!

The local ice cream shop is one of our favorite family traditions   weekly often daily outings!!
There are about 24 flavors mixed in here!

The little wooden spoons are a vintage find and all of the canvas decor can be used in her dorm room!

And of course cupcakes to go with the ice cream!
Her aunt made those and I had the display left from some notebooks in a shop many years ago.

Records hanging from the ceiling set a festive mood and gave a 
great place to showcase some of my favorite photos!

Old windows nestled in branches, rope, and lights make for big WOW factor without spending much.

These paper lanterns from the dollar store look elegant against the rustic goodness.

An old ladder gave more room for those embarrassing growing up photos...

And a simple photo booth made of an old door gave a place to make new photos.

More photos were displayed on the windows and a couple of old pillars.

The "Prone to Dream" is my own little positive spin on "absolutely can't remember a thing"!

These boards can be made through Walgreen's at a great price.
This one is fuzzy but it says "Dream God-sized dreams..." LOVE it!

Of course there's the usual collection of school memories...

And her coach had these life-sized cut-outs done for senior night! 
What an amazing gift!

Another amazing gift was absolutely perfect weather!

Our girl doesn't is a confrontation avoider for sure --- so what does she do...
Hides her Hawkeye hat topper under her Bible until it's all over and then breaks out her U of I pride!

So here we are...2 down -- 3 to go...
Thank goodness we have a while on this one!

I hope our party has some simple but elegant ideas you can use the next time you are planning a festivity for the ones you love!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.


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