Dresser Makeover -- Cowgirl Fresh

I'm getting SO excited for the spring! 

Last fall I picked up this sweet little dresser at a garage sale.
The drawers inside were stamped from a furniture maker out east in the 1950's.

I was a little bit into the project when I realized I didn't have a 'before' picture but this pic of it sanded down and the first coat of primer started shows you the yellowish color that it was. 

It was missing handles but the drawers were in great shape and I know I'm not alone when I say for a dresser the #1 priority is easy open and close. 

I sort of liked the grayish white of the primer, so I mixed a couple of paint shades to match.

The handles didn't all match. I saw a rope handle dresser online, so I decided to give it a cowgirl's touch and use leather reins for the handles.

Cowboy happened to have these great flat head screws that look industrial 
but are more sturdy than a nail would be.

I was very tempted to bring it in the house, but then realized my kids' clothes are too big 
to fit in such a sweet little dresser. 

As you can guess -- it was quick to go at The Barn Sale.
Some little bundle of cowgirl baby has that sweet piece in her room now.

The stories and the people are 100% why I do this thing I do.

It's that or 100% madness on my part?

I'm eager for gardening and painting season to be here. 
What projects are you working on?

I still need to come across the just right dresser for a couple of our rooms....
what do you look for in a dresser?

From R7 to you -- 
Be a blessing.

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Show Us Your Life

One of the VERY first blogs that I ever discovered was Kelly's Korner.
She is bringing back one of my FAVORITE link-ups!
It's my favorite because it isn't about someone's shop or business (not that those aren't inspiring) but these are about REAL LIFE. The struggles, the triumphs and the mundane all honored because of WHO we do it for :)

I'm Tenneil -- yes -- like "The Captain and..." 
My parents weren't crazy stalker fans or anything they just liked the name. 
I do too now that I've matured but as a kid I was certain I would change it some day...

This blog has been with me through 7 years now. Seven years that were anything but predictable.
When I began this blog I had left my career as an executive to stay home with our baby boy that I thought I would never have due to PCOS and world of other 'girl troubles.'

Our sweet baby boy was born with Ulnar Dimelia -- and each day was full of therapy and tests in addition to the usual diapers, feedings and other things that make up the blur of having an infant.
I blogged about all of the messes that make up everyday life,
thus the blog name "Dirty-Hands: Beautiful Life." 

(This was my first header for my blog. My little guys hand on mind)

I blogged about thrifting, decorating, cooking, and shared encouragement through my faith in Jesus. 
I learned to follow links and had a great following by email.

Then. The unexpected. The unwanted. The unforgivable (or so it felt).
I tried and tried to rebound into blogging and I felt so unworthy. so ashamed.

Well as you can tell from the photo above -- I have been blessed abundantly in the last 7 years and went from me and my baby boy to a family of SEVEN!! Yes -- count them 7.

I met a swoon worthy cowboy and in him I found what it was like to be friends with the one you love.
There was just that one detail -- that um...he had 4 kids.
Then there was the complication that he also felt unworthy. ashamed. unforgiven.

We took each other hand in hand and made up our minds to walk in God's grace and that Jesus' blood could cover all of hurts and wrong doings and even USE them. 

We made up our minds that all we wanted our kids to know is that we love them and God loves them so much he gave us Jesus. From that simple mission, a legacy was born.

Every day brings a new challenge. Our schedules are so busy we literally can't see straight at times.
But -- we return to where it started. Simplicity.  Love God. Love each other.

I'm back to writing and teaching with a new  purpose.
I want others to know that anytime, anywhere, in any circumstance they to 
can RECLAIM love, life and hope.

It's something we have to do DAILY.
The idea of RECLAIM is in every part of our life. We've reclaimed several properties in an effort to make a home for our family. We reclaim God's grace multiple times a day as we stumble along at this. We love to reclaim antiques, trash to treasure projects and the occasional orphaned animal.

So -- all of that to say at some point perhaps the title of the blog should change, but it's sentimental to me and every step of the way is part of what Jesus uses to make life count for something.

We call our family R7.
There's 7 of us and we've settle on 7 acres in the middle of nowhere, Iowa.

So -- I can't wait to meet you!!
There's more about us on the sidebar or feel free to browse around. 
There's always room for one more around here!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

Spring. Fresh look. Fresh start.

Where did the weekend go??
I'm not too sure.

I spent a little time celebrating my most viewed post ever!

 I do have some souvenirs from a little mom-daughter-grandaughter treasure hunt...

My mama found this great little miniature lantern.
If it weren't for all the wear and tear it shows I wouldn't love it half as much.

I think God's kind of like that with us. 
He loves us just the way we are with our chips and bruises and scrapes and scars. 
He's the One who sees the beauty in how He can use us.
He can use the broken parts and give us new life where we need it.

That's one of the best parts of spring right?!! 
New life. A fresh start. 

These old skates remind me of the longer warm days ahead...

The end of a school year! 

The season of white purses instead of white snow...
And for those who are truly from the sticks -- 

That's right -- a fresh layer of gravel on the old dirt road. 
This is a sure sign of spring!
I look forward to that grass turning green and the days getting longer.

What signs of spring did you see this weekend?

The opening of R7 Reclaimed Studio is getting oh so close...
Stay tuned. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for sneak peeks.

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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