For those of you who noticed my sudden disappearance...

Here is the explanation for why I've been too busy to blog.

I would apologize...but I just can't!!!

We are doing lots of thrifting, decorating and visiting...but this was the MOST FUN!!!

Recognize my partner in crime???

Be back soon!

Shop Your House Again

Well…I can breathe!!

Someone showed up to the party!  Well…several someones…

In fact, I was most excited to have quite a few comment and say “I get it – and I’ll be back”

I’m a bit passionate about Shop Your House…so I l-o-ve to push people to think creatively to repurpose what they already have!

A couple of my favorite ideas from last week…

Found a new friend at Tattered and Inked
I’ve never tried empty frames, but I have a large D monogram that I will have to try this with!!

And…the blog title  stole my heart at Sleeping In an Unmade Bed
Em's Tree Swing Pic
I l-o-ve this because I’m hoping to decorate a certain friend’s house in this style next week!!

So…how about you???
Did you Shop Your House??

If not…get going…the link will be open for the week…

When shopping your house…start by looking at an area your unhappy with…
Then…remove what you don’t L-O-ve!!

Then shop room by room browsing for something that you might L-O-ve in your trouble spot…

The ripple affect will be that you freshen another space…

I must forewarn you – it…like thrifting…is addictive!

Thank You So Much for coming…by now you know party etiquette…so I’m going to simply ask that you don’t put your elbows on the table and please link back.

Oh…and no one likes to sit next to the gal who never stops talking about herself , so be a good listener and see what the other guests have to say by visiting their blogs.

Take a party favor if you like and put the Shop Your House logo in your sidebar…

And a polite thanks for having us in the comments would absolutely thrill me!!

So here you go...show me YOUR dirty hands!!

Picnic Dessert

I’m joining This Blessed Nest on a picnic :)

My favorite part of a picnic is the red and white tablecloth!

etsy 005

My next favorite thing…Dessert!!!

I’m bringing Sugar Cookie Shortcake!!

Now I am a chocolate lover to say the very least!

This is really the ONLY dessert that stands a chance in my chocolate filled dreams…


1 roll refrigerated cookie dough

2 T. of sugar

1 lb fresh strawberries

1 box vanilla instant pudding

1 c. cold milk

3/4 cup whipping cream

In the spirit of cooking in haste…I’ll give you a few options throughout the recipe :)

Heat oven to 350 degrees. 

Split cookie dough roll in half and spread dough in a 9” round pie or cake pan.  Either line your dish with foil or use disposable to make it easy to get the giant cookie out! (I use foil pans and then rinse and reuse each time) 

Before putting each cookie in the oven, sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar over each – YUMMY! (If you forget…like me…you can do it when you pull it out of the oven too)

Let these cool…and while they do…mix 1 cup of milk with the instant pudding mix.  Whisk it until it’s thick.

Also, use mixer to beat whipping cream until formed. (Frozen whipped cream works also…just not quite as rich)

Mix the pudding mix and the whip cream together.  Lick your fingers when you do this :)  Now wash them – we’re going to a picnic!!

Slice your strawberries reserving  a few for garnish.  (Frozen strawberries will work too.)

Layer cookie, mixture and sliced strawberries. Use a little less than half of the mixture.

Again…layer cookie, mixture and sliced strawberries.

Top off with remaining mixture and garnish with strawberries.

Blog 283Refrigerate for 1 hour or just dive in together like we will!!!

Palms on the porch

As I told you recently, our new move has me in search mode. That is searching for my inspiration and vision. When it hits --- watch out. Well at times...inspiration comes from looking back at older posts.

I want to share it with you and tell you that if your front door needs inspiration too go visit Rain On a Tin Roof -- she's having a fun Summer Spruce Up Series and this week is front door.

And here's what I've been looking back to...
Blog 225
Blog 287
Blog 286
So now…I can tell you the secret to these…
Blog 226
Here it is…
Blog 292 Sorry…lost the first picture…so now the label was a little dirty, but that’s right…they are black plastic storage cubes…I offered $5 instead of $8…so run to your home office or basement and…
Blog 291
Blog 290
Please stop by on Wednesday…
Shop Your House 
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A note for thrifty chics!

Sometimes as a thrifty, vintage girl you can get a little bogged down with stuff!  Even minimalists and well-organized homes need a cleansing every now and then…not a cleaning – a cleansing!
A fun way to do it is to have a garage sale.
To really have FUN with a garage sale…have a thrifter style sale.  Thrifters l-o-ve to go to a sale where things are CHEAP!!  They like to haggle…they like to smile…they like to relax.
A few tips on a FUN garage sale
- Keep your prices low
- Enjoy the company of a good thrifter when someone asks if you will take less…say YES!!
- Put out clean and good stuff!
- Say ‘Hello’ to every person.
- Sell something you weren’t planning to sell!
- Have a snack and drink for sale
- Plan to go 50 cents for all an hour or two before close…it’s so much FUN to watch people load up your stuff in to their car…instead of you loading it in to yours for the thrift store.
- Have it with a friend…
- Give the leftovers away!!
Blog 284

And remember…how excited you get when you see a pile like this…PAY IT FORWARD this summer!!!

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