It's MY birthday!

35 years ago....ouch. That hurts.
Practice. Practice.

35 years ago today....ugh.
No pain. No gain.

35 years ago today I was born. December 30, 1979.
Whew. I did it. Freeing really.

You've probably never noticed how often you are asked for your birthdate. It's used as an important piece of information for keeping records. I know how often because when that's asked of a couple people around here, inevitably, there is a long and cheerful argument about whose birthday it is...

You see, 18 years ago today, a little boy was born. December 30, 1996. It was my 17th birthday.
(No, I wasn't a teenage mother. Although, I honor, support, and cherish teen moms!!)

I remember pretty clearly my 17th birthday. I worked during the day, went shopping to spend my hard earned cash, and spent the night at a hotel with gal pals. Boy--- did my parents trust us! We had a wildly good time but even at the prudent age of 17 we knew it was more fun without boys! We went swimming, played truth or dare, scoured magazines, made confessions and enjoyed all that 17 brings. Looking back we should have admired our youthful energy and bodies as well -- ha!
(Hailey -- get no ideas -- times have changed. You are not having a hotel party anytime soon.)

On that same day Cowboy was becoming a first time Dad. They named him Daniel Wayne Register.

For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,

    I know that full well.

If you had pulled me aside from that hotel party and said "Hey, by the way, your oldest son was just born...and he's going to really need you someday. Get ready." I would have laughed you right on out of there with my girlfriends helping each step of the way.

That's the funny thing about how God works. He doesn't really tell us what he's preparing us for.

15 16 
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
    all the days ordained for me were written in your book
    before one of them came to be.

In God's book, Daniel's life had been written. God probably even smirked when he wrote  how just before I turned thirty five --  He had a surprise for the savvy superwoman that I thought was me. He didn't come bundled up in baby blue. In fact, there wasn't even nine months to prepare. However, as I think back on the twists and turns of the beautiful and painful events that have molded me since the innocence of that 17th birthday --- I see it. God has been preparing me.

How precious to me are your thoughts,[a] God!
    How vast is the sum of them!
Psalm 139

15 Minute Entryway Makeover

I'm so excited to share this project!! We've been patiently waiting to share our TV reno with you, but while we wait....I can share this with you!

I built a half pallet wall between the entry way to new finished part of our family room and the unfinished playroom. 

 This seriously was probably the easiest project I've ever done!! 
By using whole pallets there was no cutting or nailing involved.

Literally less than 15 minutes!!

The photos are printed on to wood in less than hour at Walgreen's.
Then I just used a brad gun to nail them to the 2x6.

Add a hook for each child and a tin Ikea bucket for their mittens, sunglasses, and other random objects that kids always bring in the house.

Below is the fun and short "how to" video!

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Easy & Delicious Cheesy Vegetable Soup

With our construction zone from the TV project just getting wrapped up in the nick of time, we haven't done the usual amount of holiday entertaining this year.

I've missed it a bit...

I did get a chance to use my 12 Days of Christmas dishes for a little get together of teachers.

It wasn't nearly as festive as this inspiring party, but it was fun!

I made cheesy vegetable soup -- I L-O-v-e this and so did my teachin' gal pals!
It's such an easy but hearty soup. Since they asked for the recipe -- here it is:

3 cups of diced potatoes
4 chicken bullion cubes
1 bag of California Medley veggies
1 can cream of chicken
1 can cream of celery
1 lb of Velveeta cheese

Boil the 3 cups of diced potatoes and the bullion cubes in 6 cups of water.
When your potatoes are tender, add the frozen veggies.
When your veggies are tender, turn down the heat.
Add the soups and the cheese and mix.
You can also add in some onion or celery with the veggies if you like.


Please feel free to share this post and blog with others!
What's your favorite easy and delicious soup??

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

Merry Christmas 2014

The stockings were hung on the chimney with care, 

in hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there!

Merry Christmas Eve from R7


I know some of you wonder what it's really like around here but don't dare to come too close to the crazy. Don't blush -- I understand.

This morning I woke up and it was quiet so I started working on a really inspiring article about Gen Z. I heard some shuffling, but sufficiently ignored it for a bit longer. When I can no longer ignore the whimpering canines, I emerge from the door of my room greeted by chipper and cheerful boys! I think to myself --- what a wonderful world!

While letting the canines out the front door (and choosing to be forgiving of the trash still sitting by the front door) -- thankfully it's too cold for the coons to want to play...I glance up.

What's wrong with this picture?
Besides that it's a couple days before Christmas and we still don't have snow!!

How about a closer look?
Mr. Oreo is on the wrong side of the fence.

No worries...wrangler Daniel's got this.

Once this little bit is tended too...we return to the house where I announce the world's best oatmeal is ready to be eaten. Laughing boys come to the table and slowly eye my breakfast...

All before 8am. 

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

Not so Merry times

I am reminded today that amongst the joy of the season many people still hurt deeply this time of year.

While we celebrate joy and peace and cookies many people suffer. Sometimes from the pain of consequences of a string of bad choices. Others from the loss they feel for the one who won't be gathering around the Christmas tree this year. 

Today I am one of those whose Christmas tree lights are a bit dim through the tears. My uncle Carey that raised my dad passed away from a heart attack. 
I covet your prayers for his wife and for safety and strength as we travel to tell my dad the news. Hug those you love a little tighter tonight. 

With tears from R7 -Tenneil. 

Christmas tree cutting 2014

We make an event of bringing home the tree.
We look each one over carefully. 
Our littlest cowboy loves this tradition and is becoming a master at choosing!

And let's face it -- since we barely finished our TV project in time to get a tree up...I was less OCD about the whole thing than usual.

Each year we've had our tree in a different location, so we are always looking for a different size. 

He was thrilled that this year his tree won the vote!

He also had to teach this tradition to his big brother. This is his FIRST time ever cutting a tree down.

This Texas boy's only comment was -- 'it's kind of cold'

After last year's lesson he had the cutting mastered.

Little brother supervising...

Wait for it...

They've got this.

Kind of nice really.

We'll just walk back here behind you.

Taking photos...

...and maybe holding hands.

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

Finding your Christmas Style

Just as wearable fashion so does the way we dress our trees! I have some long standing holiday decorations that I will always use, but I also enjoy trying something new every few years.

I thought I would share different styles including some more wild ones that I've put together over the years as a designer.

Some of these are a few years old so forgive the quality of pics -- my how quickly things change!

Yep -- that's a black tree for the glamorous gal inside you!

Timeless plaid

White and Turquoise infused with nature

A tree for Cindy-Lou Who!

A modern twist on the poinsettia

Woodlands meets gold glam

Christmas in the kitchen

What's your Christmas style??

Blended Family Rules -- a Best Yes for "step-families"

I am enthralled in my latest read -  "The Best Yes"

I want to give more "yes"-es! I want to do more.

I'm exhausted when I'm asked to do more.
I doubt my "yes"-es.

This book is really pushing me to narrow down to my Best Yes! I'm finding more and more that in this busy season of life my Best Yes is often the kind of yes that would go unnoticed by many but is priceless to my role as a parent showing Jesus' love.

This path of reflection made me think about an area where we have said some Best Yes-es here at R7 and the joy that has brought where so many "step" families encounter pain and conflict.

I thought I would share a few things we have found to be Best Yes-es.

  • Take time to write a mission statement as a "step" parent. Consider the precious gift of someone else's child that is entrusted to you. How can you best honor that role? My children have mothers who have loved them and raised them with dedication -- my role is to be a mentor, a friend, and to help their father be the best dad he can be! This makes it easier in those moments when I disagree. I can step back and live out my role. 
  • Define the absolutes. These should be few. Choose the hill you're willing to die on so to speak.
  • Have a motto. Ours has become "Teamwork makes the Dream Work." Going anywhere or doing anything with SEVEN people takes work. In the tense moments anyone can pipe up with "Teamwork..." as the others respond "Makes the Dream Work" we are reminded why we are committed to the hard stuff. The hard stuff makes the good stuff possible.
  • Pray together for your children. Power of a Praying Parent was the first book that we read together as a couple. It was defining. Your love for each child grows as you pray for them.
  • Be creative. Instill responsibility in a fun way. We use the "magic box." Instead of nagging for five kids to keep the house clean, when I find something out of place such as socks in the dining room or an iPad (besides mine) in the goes in the magic box. The next time they are looking for something -- they know to check the magic box. The catch -- a chore of my choice must be done before desired object is returned. Additionally, if that child has any other items in the box they must complete a chore for each item. Sort of an all or none protection clause for me :)
  • Hold family meetings. Really do it. When you feel like going on a nagging, yelling tirade or reminding your spouse about whose kids these are....hold a family meeting. State the problem. Solve the problem as a family.
  • Use the family vote. We have seven so we always have a winner.
  • Make new memories and traditions. Search for what works for your family. Don't try to be something your not. This might be having pancakes by candlelight or swimming in a dirty pond

So many of these seem insignificant or "cheesy," 
but you have to be totally present and carve out time to do any of these things.
These our Best Yes Moments.

I L-O-ve that!!

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Roadside stop up north

One would think that since we live at the end of a dirt road just outside of a town only slightly larger than a blink, we would find a drive through the countryside slightly mundane.

Not us though.

  A place where Muscle meets Tractor.

Who wouldn’t find that intriguing?

It's on my bucket picket list to drive around the countryside all day taking snapshots of old barns to hang on a gallery wall here at R7.

This guy seemed to be posing, so I snapped a shot.

On second thought maybe he was wondering why we found it all so interesting…

This guy also seemed to be posing. 

He's so darn handsome....even when he trades in his cowboy hat and boots for sneakers and an overpriced ball hat --- thank you outlet mall.

 I’m not sure why my shadow is so unflattering, but it’s proof I was there.

     I’m going to blame poor photography.

 Think I’ll keep the camera aimed at the barn…
The building – not me.
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