Ever have one of those mornings where all goes wrong? Mine usually starts with waking up too early, but sleeping too late…

Today was one of those days. Yet…I will not bore you with my woes because it turned into a GREAT day of work on the 1800’s house. Yep – today was Day #1 of the saga.

I encountered a few surprises on my surprisingly good day.

Found this old book and grocery list under a bookshelf


It was signed by an owner from over 70 years ago.

And after getting that bookshelf out and my nephew so kindly lugging and tugging on the carpet – I found this...

Not quite the pattern that I had in mind for the walls

…but we also found…
He’s such a cool nephew! He didn’t even roll his eyes while I squealed with delight at the old wood floors.
Now, I’m not blind I see the stains but look at the difference and dream with me…

This is the before. (see more here)

Before and afters make me feel good so here's a couple other rooms…

Not bad for day one.

Watering the soul…


The simple things can make for the best moments of gratitude. CLEAN dishes, CLEAN sink, and something alive gathering water…   

Did you know that the best way to water many plants (especially in clay or plastic pots) is to submerse the pot in water and then water from the top and let it soak overnight?? If you do this you can ignore it for weeks afterward until it is totally dry! You will be happy without the regret of forgetting it, and the plant will be happy for you not overwatering (the #1 cause of death for houseplants).

An overwatered plant will typically look healthy all along…shiny and bright green and then often by the time notable signs of suffering emerge – it’s rotten and near death. By overwatering the plant never has time to soak up the water, expand its roots and grow. Instead of deep watering and a process of feeding it literally becomes a drainage path for water to run through. I have to wonder if we sometimes do the same…

“If anyone is thirsty let him come to Me and drink. Whoever believes in Me…streams of living water will flow from within him.” John 7:37-8

We have to let God’s Word soak into our core…into our heart. Where it can produce life. Instead of trying to pour Christian living over our lives…let’s pick a morsel of his Word and let it produce life from within.

By the way, I L-O-ve this plant that you may not recognize. It’s so easy to care for and can look contemporary and charming at the same time. Isn’t that what we all strive for in front of the mirror anyway!? To learn more about this super cool ZZ plant click here.

Why Is It…?

Why is it that when most people see this they drive by


and I stop?

Why is that when most people see this they say – no cabinets!?


and I start dreaming of islands made of something like this…

Why is it that while most people see a hole in the ceiling


I see a spacious cottage bedroom?

Why is it that most people see a huge workshop

and I see the old wooden ironing board in the corner?

I guess because I believe to my inner most core that

“He makes all things beautiful in His time”

Living Room Must Haves

As you know I am surrendering control and letting the living room evolve.

I am at least organizing the “must-haves” and the “maybes”


This picture because we l-o-ve it


This lamp because I don’t l-o-ve the overhead light…


This guitar because I l-o-ve it when cowboy sings


This shelf because we like it – the contents of shelf…definite maybe


Other “Maybes”


The bookshelf could be relocated and most contents are negotiable


Like the bench, but location is optional…DSCN1285




And although 20x12 isn’t the largest living room compared to the same space for living room and kitchen ---

(This is how it looked before)






    It feels big enough for DANCING to us!!

    ”There is a time to dance” Ecclesiastes 3:4

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