Candlelight and Party Lights

This morning I woke up to this…

I'm not complaining, and I haven't lost my bloggin' mind. 
You know that show "While you were out"? Nope -- I didn't get a new kitchen.
 …But Cowboy and I went on a date and we didn't even have to leave the house! 

As I took in thoughtfulness and hard work of our children "+3", I couldn't help but think of Mary and Martha.  Mary and Martha were the dear friends of Jesus that seem to have been made most famous by a few verses in Luke 10 where they have a little dispute. 

I'm a sister. 
I'm a blessed step-mama of sisters. 
I'm a crazy-in-love aunt of 3 sisters (thus the +3 nickname).
 I know a thing or two about sisterly debates. 

They usually start with sincere intentions, and get mixed up in jealousy or annoyance. Last night though, I believe these girls captured the heart of Mary and put it to work in a way that Martha would have been pleased with. I'm referring to Martha in the Bible -- not that other Martha --- although I'm sure she would have been well impressed too.

I mean…look at the attention to detail. Goblets filled with strawberry-kiwi-apple juice (the best!) and girls who know that a ball jar and a votive are the fastest way to create ambience are wise beyond their years!

Our menu of leftover bratwursts and macaroni and cheese was well accompanied by a fresh avocado and a delicious and creative salad. Fresh greens and lettuce tossed with strawberries and chicken. And not just any bland chicken. Chicken nuggets baked and diced providing a wonderful zest to our salad. 
Now even Rachel Ray and Ree Drummond are impressed. 

For dessert we had ice cream garnished with none other than a Nutty Bar. 
Brilliant these gals are!

Even after the bowls were empty there was yet another surprise…

The first dance was for us.

It didn't take long for everyone to join in.

Notice Mr Macho.

And this handsome guy has his date for the senior prom picked out.

And we aren't even ready to utter the word prom with her. 
Think she will want to take her dad as her date?

A little line dance lesson.

 And this is why God included Ecclesiastes 3.
There is a time to dance…

Thank you to our children +3 for the wonderful surprise and fun-filled evening.

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Start of Summer

Schools finally out and the days are longer...

...and hotter.

Hunting for frogs. And scorpions. In Iowa.

Who's tougher. At 17 this is yet to be answered.

These guys think they know.

Who taught them this?!

Ah...the float.

Please don't make me get out.

We aren't getting out!


OK...we will stay but give up the floaties.

No problem.

Beautiful Day. Beautiful Life.

Hand Cut from Home

Home...I've been thinking of how much I will miss it as I travel abroad to China with our oldest daughter this summer. One thing that makes home feel like home to me is the classic garden treasures found this time of year. I L-O-ve to cut fresh flowers from the yard and garden and create my own designs. A few tips I've picked up over the years can be helpful.

First take a bucket with you of water as you pick (early in the morning is best). Sometimes the way they end up naturally in the bucket can be your best inspiration for design, color combos, and arrangement heights. I really like to go out and pick right before an expected rain that would take out the blossoms anyway -- might as well bring them inside to enjoy!

Seriously...this was how they looked in the bucket naturally -- just beautiful.

Add your long stems to establish your height and add structure inside the vase.
Remember that any foliage that will be inside the vase should be removed to help keep the water fresh and clean.


Next add some greenery as a base. Never underestimate the power of hosta leaves. 
They last in the arrangement for weeks too!

Add flowers at varying heights including some blooms so that the bouquet lasts longer.

Iris foliage also gives nice flair and adds longevity to the freshness.

Even if you have some small blooms that don't fit or break off you can make some miniature bouquets for sink corners and night stands. This one is in a cute little creamer pitcher.

Be frivolous. Share one bouquet with someone you love...

And make one for yourself...

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