A little chicken wire project challenge...

So...we once started getting ready for chickens here at R7...
We still don't have any and as long as "maybe next year" works I might just keep putting it off until we are done raising calves and lambs and such...

My procrastination on chickens left us with quite a bit of chicken wire...
I used some for the rustic inspiration graduation party

Used quite a bit of baling wire too -- can I get an amen?!

But back to chicken wire.
I used some to make this frame as a little 'warming gift' for Hailey's room when she moved to Iowa a few weeks ago. I just wanted her to have a special place to hang her pics of new friends and old.

It was really a simple project. I picked up a plain wooden frame at the Goodwill. A quick layer of spray paint in one of my favorite colors. A little scuffing of the paint here and there and then staple on the wire. It's really helpful to have an extra set of hands for stretching and cowboy was kind enough to lend a hand on this one.

If you like the look go check out these other projects much more amazing than mine!!

From R7 to you  --
Be a blessing.

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This time of year is always so transitional. Kids going back to school. Thoughts of cooler weather. Mourning the days where 'going to the pool' was the most important thing on the agenda...

Fall has literally been creeping up on us here around R7.

Last year we tossed our pumpkins in a few strategic places hoping to get some this year. 
As it turns out nature had other plans for our pumpkins. 

Some little birdies or animals must have been scattering our seeds. 
Pumpkins are turning up in the most unexpected places.

The planner in me was a bit bummed that they didn't turn up in the spot I had picked out.
Truly though -- this has been so much fun not knowing where we will find them!

-- or how big they will get (or not).

So far the harvest is looking pretty bountiful!

The same "planner" in me doesn't like when I start to feel scattered. When my kids are scattered. When the calendars scattered. When our stuff is scattered.
I like gathering things just like our harvest of pumpkins.
(Notice the I and me theme...)

Guess what...
In the Bible the word scattered is used 82 times. A few of those refer to scattering grain or scattering animals, but nearly every other time the word scattered refers to people.
Sometimes they were scattered as God's discipline. Sometimes as a natural consequence of their action. Sometimes by persecution. But what we see when we look at the Bible as one big story of redemption. Your redemption. My redemption. All of those scatterings were to bring about Jesus and the church and a chance for us to live freely in Jesus.

God doesn't see scattered as the end. 
He sees it as a way to make us turn to Him. 
He sees it as a chance to use us in an unexpected place. 
A chance to use us in an unexpected way.

Our God is so great in the way he uses His creation to teach us His ways. 
Next time we find ourself in a place we didn't expect or feeling scattered in ways we don't want...
Think about how you can start to bloom right where you are at and trust the Master with the harvest.

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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Give what it's worth

Little cowboy and I have ventured out on a quick - 
stop the madness - we go back to school next week - roadtrip. 

How can we not stop? 
We are back in that moment when wifi and apple pay are still uninvented. 

The fresh foods of harvest lay on tables waiting for us to pick what we wish. 

A simple sign says "take what you wish and give what it's worth to you"

At this point I want to launch into video blogger mode and film my two cents worth on the spot...but then I've stolen the moment. 

So maybe I just ponder on that for a few minutes. 
"Give what it's worth to you."

Not what someone wants. 
Not what I feel like I should. 
Not what some book (or blog) says. 

But what it's worth. Give. 

Jesus gave what it was worth to Him. 

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing. 

Rest is NOT a four letter word

Growing up and truthfully most of my adulthood has been spent thinking rest is a waste of time or for the weak or less determined.

Truth: I find it difficult to relax.

What I've been discovering is so well put by another blogger that I've followed for years.

Truth: I crave rest.

This year our children seemed not so thrilled by getting out and about (other than for ice cream and swimming).

Truth: The more we stayed home and lingered in the yard or played maddening long games of UNO the happier they were.

When our children were young they loved to get out and do something. As they get older and the world starts to pressure them with devices and schedules and expectations, they also crave rest.

Truth: I've been missing out my whole life confusing relaxation and rest.

So....this blog post on recreation and rest was so great for helping shape up my perspective. Enjoy!

Serving up Simplicity

Some people use rest stops or restaurants to take a break when they travel.
I'm proud to say that my girls love a good antique shop stop!!

On a 'browse only' stop I saw this long metal rectangular 'thing'...
My sweet girls caught me gazing at it, but I reminded them we were just their to look. The youngest mentioned how many great ways she knew I would use it and soon the vision was born that it would be great for holding our every day dishes! It now became a need -- right?? 

Originally I thought it would be down the middle of our table, but actually it's great on our oversized DIY island. Dishes are handy and there's a bit of a divider from the prep side to the eating side. 

With the casual of summer dining it has been fantastic!! Grab a plate, a coaster, dessert...

And I FINALLY have a place to feature my rolling pin splurge from Anthropology!
The napkins are nestled inside the pantry tin and the pin keeps them from blowing away when we are blessed with a cross breeze.

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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Sweetness of Summer

This morning I tackled the weeds again. I'm not sure why hard work in the sun always gets my mind reeling with thoughts, but it does. 

So...I totally need a selfie stick and some lessons from our daughter on how take more flattering selfies, but here's a little morning message from R7...

Here's a few of the goodies I found buried under the weeds!

All of that hard work makes me want to join this guy enjoying the hammock I picked up at a yard sale for just $15!! He's already gotten my money's worth. 

It's that time of year when we have to hold on to every last bit of summer sweetness before it slips away. How are you holding on to summer?

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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