About Me

I am a lover, mother, teacher, friend, daughter, sister and humble servant of my Lord. After a successful career, I settled down into home life when finally I was blessed with my son.

Although I have worked in many capacities since then, I have considered it a blessing to have my life centered around my home -- even when it's felt like a carousel as things seem to spin around!

When that carousel threw me off and life stopped, life sent the most unlikely of friends who encouraged me that my FAITH could not stop.

I was used to my hands being dirty, but I had to live out that faith even when matters of the heart were dirty.

 It didn't matter that I wanted to be GREAT in all that I do. It then only mattered that my God is GREATER than all and deserves the praise and the glory.

Now with the blessing of "R-7" our family and its messes are bountiful. I have learned that my messes are beautiful when they are done as a living sacrifice before our great Creator...for he makes all things beautiful in His time...even when my hands are still dirty!!
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