June's Shop Your House!

Well...I'm showing up to my own party without a camera!! My new laptop is on a 'say no to picutres' strike!!!  I want so much to show you a mini "shop your house".  That's right...three girls and one boy shopped the house and set up house in the shed.  They have quite the space set up and it really made me think of the best meaning of "Shop Your House"...looking around your home for the simple joys and simple love that is bound up in every day especially with little ones under feet!

I know pictures tell the story and not words, so I will not linger...just let you show me how you have been Shopping YOUR House!!!

Thank You So Much for coming…by now you know party etiquette…so I’m going to simply ask that you don’t put your elbows on the table and please link back.

Oh…and no one likes to sit next to the gal who never stops talking about herself , so be a good listener and see what the other guests have to say by visiting their blogs.

Take a party favor if you like and put the Shop Your House logo in your sidebar…
And a polite "thanks for having us" in the comments would absolutely thrill me!!

So here you go...show me YOUR dirty hands!!

And don't forget...the link will be open all week!!!

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