Fresh look at fall

I've really enjoyed the lighter blues and greens being mixed into fall decor. Although I can't resist the warm autumn colors for outdoors and in a few cozy places around the house, in areas of high traffic like the R7 dining room -- the simplicity of the neutral tones is so appealing!

In the spirit of the "cozy minimalist" I've been really trying to slim down my seasonal decor. This 'season' of life just demands attention to other things. I am embracing that.

So I let go of some of my absolute fall favorites at the barn sale and farmhouse market sale....

There will be other times that I want that bigger seasonal punch, but for now...I'm absolutely loving  keeping it so simple with this collection. 

Although simple, it's so rich with varying textures of glass, metal, wood, and burlap.

How about you? Are you simplifying your seasonal decor or adding in touches of less traditional fall decor colors in some way?

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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