Filling Holes

This is my first post as part of Write 31 Days. I've taken the challenge from my sweet and creative friend Christina to do a five minute free write each day and post it. Here's to day one!

There’s an antique store that shows up on my feed constantly taunting me with their brilliance. Their ad will say something like “Filling more holes…” featuring an incredible picture of that just right primitive display.

If you hang out around here much you will soon pick up on my tendency (addiction really) to things with a story or that show their wear and tear. It’s not just the shabby delight that I’m attracted to in these ever so strategic and sponsored ads. It’s the language they use -- “filling holes”. It leaves me with these feelings that someone else already snatched up something wonderful and this store has this problem where they can’t keep enough good stuff in stock. As  a result, they are working and filling in “holes” with more fabulous finds…

While I do fairly well at training my brain to see through the advertising genius and simply enjoy the inspiration, I can’t help but wonder about how we walk through life like this. Filling holes.

Holes where someone has taken something good and left an empty place without refilling it. This old world offers so many ways of filling those holes. Good ways. Just like those brilliant merchants though, when we refill it with good things...those can be taken too.

There has to be something more...

Enjoy the first days of October!! We will start ours with a ride through the mountains. I'm just a little bit EXCITED about that!! Oh...and everything in the pic above is for sale through R7 Reclaimed!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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