Ever have one of those mornings where all goes wrong? Mine usually starts with waking up too early, but sleeping too late…

Today was one of those days. Yet…I will not bore you with my woes because it turned into a GREAT day of work on the 1800’s house. Yep – today was Day #1 of the saga.

I encountered a few surprises on my surprisingly good day.

Found this old book and grocery list under a bookshelf


It was signed by an owner from over 70 years ago.

And after getting that bookshelf out and my nephew so kindly lugging and tugging on the carpet – I found this...

Not quite the pattern that I had in mind for the walls

…but we also found…
He’s such a cool nephew! He didn’t even roll his eyes while I squealed with delight at the old wood floors.
Now, I’m not blind I see the stains but look at the difference and dream with me…

This is the before. (see more here)

Before and afters make me feel good so here's a couple other rooms…

Not bad for day one.

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