The story behind the 'Register Job'

With our air date just a few nights away, why not set the scene for you with pictures captured by the crew throughout filming. Here's a peek of the schedule and show description.

I'm Tenneil. I'm crazy. I've passed that crazy gene on down to my baby boy pictured here wearing his favorite souvenir I brought home after taking his big sister to China this summer.

This is the cowboy that heaven sent to balance out my idealism, to teach me the fun of making silly faces, and to provide the muscle that propels my madness.

In a no-grazing season such as November -- these friends greetthe crew on their way into R7.

This is our modest and plain ranch that provides us with plenty of bedrooms for the seven of us...

Here we are just before the holidays -- as in -- there will be no turkey in this house in 2014 because the dates are so close --- We are remodeling part of our basement to make a family room.

Because of the afore mentioned craziness -- we are doing this on camera.

The family room area had no windows and the door is in a less than convenient place unless you were hoping to trip over the couch and tromp your muddy boots onto the carpet. 
Not saying that ever happened or anything...ahem...

Then there's this big open space behind the seating area....hmmm....
Anyone see the opportunity to move a door???

If the gas line is going to be right there -- why not put in a fireplace?
What's that you say? We don't know how to do it?? 
I have the power of Google in my pocket. 
We got this.

Man the space looks bigger EMPTY~ 

Wish us luck and tune in!!!

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