Celebrating Summer with Barn Sales

It has been a whirlwind of events here around R7.

Such excitement with the end of the school year, a special graduation done in high style, and 2 of our favorite  Barn sales of the year!!

Both of these sales are on private residences boasting of Iowa charm and hospitality.

Shoppers were lined up at the gate to be the first to get a sneak peek at all that was offered.

This just beams with summer delight and makes you smile doesn't it?

Someday I might up a Yield sign in our home.
Sort of a reminder that true joy comes from putting others before ourselves.

The Shop in Kalona does up a sweet camper that just makes you want to climb inside.
It's a mobile version of a sweet 'she-shed'
I should get one as a getaway to do my writing.

Here's a few peeks of what R7 had to offer at the shows...

These sweet reclaimed wood tables haven't found their perfect home just yet.

One of my favorite little items is this lemonade server and cute glasses too match.

I was thinking enamelware was losing it's place, but these ladies were CRAZY for it!

I'm enjoying a couple weeks of catching up with family and around the house, and sneaking in some writing, but we will be back on the trail headed to the Gypsy Chix Downtown Fair next weekend!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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