Simply Elegant Graduation Party

If you love a good party -- read on!

This time last year we were excited in planning our oldest's graduation in style...

And here we are this year planning another beautiful day for our beautiful daughter.

It's a complicated thing planning two graduations in a year. You see, these sweet grads joined us late in their high school years, so I want all of it to reflect their roots and wings.

We need a place where a mix of people from separated and blended families can all feel welcome and comfortable here in the heart of our small community.

From the look of her face I think we nailed it...

The whole party setup was a surprise and one of the best surprises was this...

This is an old feeder full of mason jars of ICE CREAM!!

The local ice cream shop is one of our favorite family traditions   weekly often daily outings!!
There are about 24 flavors mixed in here!

The little wooden spoons are a vintage find and all of the canvas decor can be used in her dorm room!

And of course cupcakes to go with the ice cream!
Her aunt made those and I had the display left from some notebooks in a shop many years ago.

Records hanging from the ceiling set a festive mood and gave a 
great place to showcase some of my favorite photos!

Old windows nestled in branches, rope, and lights make for big WOW factor without spending much.

These paper lanterns from the dollar store look elegant against the rustic goodness.

An old ladder gave more room for those embarrassing growing up photos...

And a simple photo booth made of an old door gave a place to make new photos.

More photos were displayed on the windows and a couple of old pillars.

The "Prone to Dream" is my own little positive spin on "absolutely can't remember a thing"!

These boards can be made through Walgreen's at a great price.
This one is fuzzy but it says "Dream God-sized dreams..." LOVE it!

Of course there's the usual collection of school memories...

And her coach had these life-sized cut-outs done for senior night! 
What an amazing gift!

Another amazing gift was absolutely perfect weather!

Our girl doesn't is a confrontation avoider for sure --- so what does she do...
Hides her Hawkeye hat topper under her Bible until it's all over and then breaks out her U of I pride!

So here we are...2 down -- 3 to go...
Thank goodness we have a while on this one!

I hope our party has some simple but elegant ideas you can use the next time you are planning a festivity for the ones you love!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.


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