White and Wild: The Power of Paint

Often times we are inspired by a room and know just what we want from it.

Other times…we feel lost and confused. And when looking at this – maybe hopeless.


For those of you who can’t decipher this room. It is a pantry/secondary kitchen/laundry room. In modern language we call this the most enviable Mud Room a busy family could hope for. I have learned that when I lack inspiration the place to start is adding simplicity via a clean slate. It doesn’t get any cleaner than white, so I headed in to the trenches and came out wearing white paint and a smile!


Obviously, there is much left to do including removing the stovepipe, painting the drawers, painting inside the cabinets

(Oh wait, this isn’t the place for my to do list) -- but sometimes by putting the cart before the horse you get that darned horse to move!


Notice even the countertop was victim to my primer/paint combo









Later the details and vision will be implemented, but for now. On to my next victim….


To see more about this 1859 farmhouse we are tackling…click here.


acorn hollow said...

What a diffrence a can of white paint makes it looks good.

Beth said...

White does a make a world of difference in freshening the place up! That is going to be a great mudroom! Also, if that is your actual butt in the pic up top, I am totally defeated and jealous, lol!!!

Katie said...

I am impressed by what white-washing the room did! :) lots of work, but looks like fun!

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