Celebrating 100th post

While it could be argued that I should give up my blog for lack of consistency and momentum...three years later I find myself writing my 100th post!

I've been wanting to start a few different series for well...a couple of years. In an effort to jump start my blogging soul I am going to attempt a couple of those. Now...I've always been a fan of saying "Don't make promises you can't keep," so this is not so much a promise as a plea with myself to make time for something I really do L-O-ve!!

I L-O-ve the reflection, the simplicity, and the community of blogging. I L-O-ve sharing sneak peeks. I L-O-ve the kind words of comments from those you know and those you don't. I L-O-ve capturing images. I L-O-ve writing in a way that creates a new image. I L-O-ve the feel of a completed post too, so I'll stop talking about all the things I L-O-ve about blogging and get back to actually blogging.

To celebrate, I think there’s nothing more fitting than introducing “Where I Come From.” Here I will post pictures of what captures life here in the simple and all too often forgotten Heart of America and things that have been a part of making me “me” – for better or worse!





How about you – where do you come from?

1 comment:

Katie said...

I'm glad you haven't walked away from blogging! I love reading your sneak peaks and words of wisdom. =)

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