Garden Fresh Salsa

The time has come. The weeds are no longer so bothersome. The work of gardening becomes fun. Filling old metal bowls full of bright colored vegetables is the highlight of the season!

Plus, when cowboy whistles at me while I work (bent over –ahem…) -- no wonder Boaz couldn’t help but notice Ruth while she gleaned in the field (Ruth 2). If you’ve never read the story of Ruth…even if you are not a “Bible reader” --- read Ruth! It’s endearing, enduring, and epitomizes love and faith. A real love story for real women.


We went on a quick early summer vacation just me and my handsome cowboy, and when we came back the garden was well tended, I mean eaten, by the friendly critters. This means I’m thankful for a harvest even if it’s LATE! (Teachers stop being people again after August 5th) One of my favorite garden go-to’s is homemade salsa. Most people have a favorite salsa recipe, but you must TRY this little secret…

Before I get on to that secret though, I need to give a little step-by-step in case our oldest daughter ever decides to put her cute Texas bottom to work in the kitchen rather than devouring my Iowa salsa when she visits.

Step 1: Bring a pot of hot water to a boil.

Step 2: Put your tomatoes in and let them boil for several minutes. When you see the skin on one start to crack pull them out right away!

Step 3: Please be careful baby girl – it’s HOT! Use tongs.

Step 4: Put the tomatoes in ice cold water, so you can touch them. Do not text or waste time…this needs to go fast.

Step 5: Cut the middle core out of the center. (Most people think I’m about to warn you about knifes, but you are much better at this than I am)

Step 6: Peel the skin back off of the tomatoes and throw them away or compost them.

Step 7: If you want chunky salsa you would perhaps chop in a bowl like this.

Step 8: Since you would throw all chunks out – I recommend using a food processor to chop your tomatoes.

Step 9: Next you can chop peppers: bell, banana, and even jalapeno if you are feeling tough. A good mix of peppers adds flavor.

Step 10: – The secret ingredient! Zucchini! That’s right the “leave them on your neighbor’s porch” vegetable has yet another purpose!

I chop mine up fine using the food processor and mix it with my peppers. It will absorb the flavor!
Add the tomatoes, peppers and zucchini to a pot. Season with a dash of taco seasoning, chili powder, garlic, and salt and pepper.

(I add a little teaspoon of sugar too --- shhhh!! Don’t tell…)

Enjoy your salsa sweet girl!!

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