Tree cutting 2015

Here's a throwback that makes my tough cowgirl heart just melt into a puddle!

This was our first Christmas. Cowboy and I were dating.
If you look closely Austin's tiny little hand is barely out of a cast from surgery.

Time flies and just a couple years later this guy was cutting and hauling the Christmas tree. 
This one has the makings for a Hallmark card.

Last year his big brother from Texas discovered how determination is needed to be out in the cold cutting your own Christmas tree.

And as Austin worked this year to make the cut...

He had a "supervisor"enduring the cold and discovering the magic of cutting your own tree!

I love the teamwork involved -- first in picking it out...

And then in bringing that baby to the ground!

Note the supervisor was a bit distant from the action. She did love making pots from all of the extra branches -- tune in soon for more of that.

They were just a little excited --

This year we cut our tree in Wisconsin!! It's just perfect -- they certainly know how to grow them. Might have to make that a tradition too!

The tradition of trying to find the "perfect" tree is one that I love! But even magical moments like that are not completely free of the fact that you put 5 personalities and different backgrounds all together trying to make a decision and it's a struggle to make each person feel validated and included.

So -- I finish off this post with a little nugget of wisdom from the Word for blended families.
If this will encourage someone you know -- will you please share?

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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Angie Curtis said...

Thank you for sharing this message. Beautiful.

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