Clutter. New Plan. New Perspective.

I remember the days when keeping Cheerios off of the floor and dirty dishes out of the sink made me feel like I had this whole mama thing "under control." It seems to be getting harder and harder to get that feeling these days. Shiny sinks, lines in the freshly vacuumed carpets or pillows fluffed on the couch just don't seem to deliver the same "you've got this" vibe they once did. 

So over the last couple of years I've changed my approach to the crazy by trying to kill the clutter.

Baskets and bins are always within reach to keep up with the unending cycle of
 people and all of their 'stuff'. 

In and out. In and out.
And the people's friends and pets and...well you get the point.

So I've become the queen of roughed up boxes and bins.

Bolt bins for shoes.

Even for office supplies.

I employ tool boxes and tubs.

Anything I can to help me feel like there's a place for everything. 
BUT -- there are still more days than not that everything is not in its place.

So...welcome 2016. A new plan. A new perspective.

This year we kicked off 2016 with an R7 family meeting. From the start I was honest that I know I'm a grumpy woman to live with most days and that my desire for all things to "go right" is too often stronger than my desire for our family to "be right."

"Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed..."
James 5:16 

After my humble little confession of my heart troubles each of these awesome people I get to share life with followed. Without even being asked they confessed the struggles of their hearts and we prayed as a family for one another. It was beautiful to put all of our dirt right out on the table and let Jesus cleanse our hearts and minds and agree to cheer one another on!

Each of my precious family member agreed to take a night to make supper and we assigned a night for each one to do laundry. Now after one week I can tell you that the house want's clean every day. But guess what?? I'm off the hook because I'm not trying to keep up -- WE are! 

When I switch my perspective I felt free from the negative talk in my head. 

Instead of "I can't keep up and no one else is helping..." It sounds a little more like, "How can I help them today?" "How can I bare part of the load for those I love the most?"

Those make me feel better inside and out!! So the bins and the strategies continue -- but now it's just a tool rather than the sign of success or failure.

New plan. New perspective. Now on to week 2 of the year :)

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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