Clean. Calm. Heavenly.

In trying to locate "Before" pics I had to go back into the archives!! Before our DIY network family room remodel we were working on our stairs. We opened walls for an office and took out spiral stairs for something a little more user friendly. 

Except they were only friendly for the stable and able. 

If an elderly person or person under 3' tall went near the stairs we gasped, prayed, and made a mental note to increase our coverage on our homeowner's policy. 

In the chaos we call life here at R7 we spent almost 2 years with nothing but a 2x4 brace keeping someone from tumbling down the stairs. So it was finally start bringing my vision to life. 

Hello gorgeous wall.

I can't get enough of you.

Because just around the corner...

Is more of your gorgeousness.
I'm well aware you are still a bit imperfect.

But you make me smile.
Rustic and aged meets clean and pure white.

It's a heavenly combination really.
I will resist the urge to sing Stairway to Heaven but you and Jesus both know this is just the kind of stairs I would want. Skip the gold. Give me the good stuff.

A little touch of outdoors brought inside to get me through winter.

In case we forget that there's a reason it takes us two years to get things done this reminds us that 7 is an incredible number to keep up with.

Thank you stairway for waiting for me to get you done.
I love you.

Cowboy's getting a little jealous so I should probably stop now.

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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