He’s Still Working on Me

We used to sing a little song…He's Still Working on Me…to make me what I ought to be…it took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars, the sun and the Earth and Jupiter and Mars…how loving and patient He must be-
because He's still working on me!

I was accused of being extra talented twice this week. The good Lord knows that it would not be a good idea for me to be running around like a chicken with a BIG HEAD cut off…so…He reminded me last night that I am not fit to really give advice on anything!!! I can't even boil an egg!!

This is the third time in six months that I have set eggs to boil (feeling like a pretty good wife for boiling these for my husband's lunch) then forgot about them until I smelled something burning…

BOOM…egg explosion!!
So...I leave a little note that there will not be an egg served into today's red igloo...and head for bed. I tiptoe quietly in to the room knowing that if I wake him…he's gonna smell my rotten eggs!

Sure enough though…sniff…sniff…what's that smell? I reply with "I'm disastrous! I can't even boil an egg!" He surprises me and says sleepily…"I was going to tell you to boil 'em a little longer than you have been."

I give a little laugh, but I'm still perturbed by the mess in the kitchen! He rolls over…"maybe somewhere in between would be good."

Now…I laugh and laugh and decide my verse for the next day!!
Needless to say…we will not be having egg salad, deviled eggs, or any other kind of boiled egg with our ham for dinner tonight!! Or should we…

There's A Reason our Eggs are Cheap!!!

**Note to Self: Take pictures for blog next time...I'm sure you would all have been amused by my the MESS I had to clean up!!"


Katie said...

Alright, so this story sooo made me miss teen Bible study/hang out nights at your house with you and Jesse! :) I love/miss you guys! And I love the fact that you can laugh at yourself for silly things like exploding eggs :D

Kristin said...

Last year some elder women in the church gave a class on cooking. At this class they gave some good tips. Two of them were on eggs.
*For the perfect hard boiled egg set eggs out the night before to bring to room temp. The next morning put them in cold water. Bring them to a boil for 1 min. Cover and remove from heat. Let them sit 15-20 min. and you have your perfect boiled egg that NEVER over boils, EVEN if you forget about them!
*Boil an egg for 5 seconds to weatherproof it for camping or traveling.
It was fun to listen to these ladies reminisce their kitchen mishaps. And over boiled eggs was a common one. Not anymore!

Amy said...

Still laughing about this! Hope you are enjoying a nice clean kitchen by now! I boil my eggs like Kristin talks about, minus the leaving them out at night, only because I am not that organized! I don't plan ahead enough! Thanks for putting my button on your blog! So cute :)!

Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

Katie...we miss that too!!!
For some reason I think St James will always feel like home to me:)

In light of 2/3 commenters telling me the right way to boil an egg -- I obviously don't know how to cook! No more cooking posts!!! I will stick to what I know - my next post will hopefully be about the garbage!! Can't wait...how about you?

Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

One more thing...so last night I boiled his eggs again (using my sister on the phone as the timer to turn the stove off). And it's a good thing I did because when I slipped into bed he says "Do I have egss for tomorrow?" I proudly say "yep"...he says "Did you cook them long enough?"
This is lose/lose I tell you!

Kristin said...

Coffee or "short tables" (love that term Ten) is my absolute biggest frustration. My family of 5 lives in less than 1000 sq. ft. so naturally one would think there's no room, but without one we miss out on all of their great functionality. Or maybe my discontent is because I just cannot find anything to compare to yours! I give 2 thumbs up to getting the new matching coffee table and making the old awesome one a hand me down =)

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