Shop Your House Again

Well…I can breathe!!

Someone showed up to the party!  Well…several someones…

In fact, I was most excited to have quite a few comment and say “I get it – and I’ll be back”

I’m a bit passionate about Shop Your House…so I l-o-ve to push people to think creatively to repurpose what they already have!

A couple of my favorite ideas from last week…

Found a new friend at Tattered and Inked
I’ve never tried empty frames, but I have a large D monogram that I will have to try this with!!

And…the blog title  stole my heart at Sleeping In an Unmade Bed
Em's Tree Swing Pic
I l-o-ve this because I’m hoping to decorate a certain friend’s house in this style next week!!

So…how about you???
Did you Shop Your House??

If not…get going…the link will be open for the week…

When shopping your house…start by looking at an area your unhappy with…
Then…remove what you don’t L-O-ve!!

Then shop room by room browsing for something that you might L-O-ve in your trouble spot…

The ripple affect will be that you freshen another space…

I must forewarn you – it…like thrifting…is addictive!

Thank You So Much for coming…by now you know party etiquette…so I’m going to simply ask that you don’t put your elbows on the table and please link back.

Oh…and no one likes to sit next to the gal who never stops talking about herself , so be a good listener and see what the other guests have to say by visiting their blogs.

Take a party favor if you like and put the Shop Your House logo in your sidebar…

And a polite thanks for having us in the comments would absolutely thrill me!!

So here you me YOUR dirty hands!!


Vicky@sleeping in an unmade bed said...

Tenneil! You featured my little 'ol frame!!! I am tickled to death. I can't wait to show Emily in the morning...she is the artist, after all!

You just wait until TOMORROW! I will show you how I used THAT frame AND my 1930's Census Red birds AND my $4.00 yard sale table to solve 2 dilemmas in my house.
Look at you, featuring me! What good style you have!! (wink!)


Leslie, the Home Maker said...

I am doing my guest room over the next few days- I will get a link up!

sewingseeds4U said...

What a great idea...I love to shop my house. I will be linking up some frames I had in the linen closet that finished off my bedroom redo perfectly.

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