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Getting ready to host a blog party is just like getting ready to host a live party in your home.  You find yourself looking around your place (ie.your blog) and trying to finish all of the little things you’ve been saying your going to get to PLUS the party prep…
- Party favors - in the form of a button :)
- Entertainment --- in the form of a good post
- Welcoming entry --- in the form of header touch ups
- Well organized games --- in the form of McLinky
- And then also figuring…that someone may always need to use the upstairs bathroom --- sponsors, sidebar, archive
Well…I’m far from ready, but just as they say…you didn’t come to see my place…you came to see people – in this case…for me to see all of you!!!

So…with all of this other fretting, plus getting ready to do the opposite of shop…have a garage sale...I have done very little “House Shopping”, but I’ll show you a small shelf that was empty and lost when I brought it home and by shopping the house I found it some friends in 15 minutes – literally!!

The newcomer shelf:
Blog 267

The semi-final resting place:
Blog 277

It’s far from the most beautiful creation ever, but not bad for 15 minutes and if you’ve been seeing my office/guest bedroom turtle-paced makeover then you can see it fits in perfectly!

So…let’s go shopping piece by piece…
Blog 280
Tell me these don’t make your heart go pitter-pat.  I bought the set while I was pregnant and I read them allowed to baby each night. He’s getting to be a little man now and these looked a little out of place among the monster trucks and hot wheels. Sold.

Blog 281
These were already in the room.  They add an eclectic not planned look to the shelf.  The color flow of both items pair well with the other accents. Sold.

Blog 282
These were in the hall under a bench.  They looked good there, but the hard metal shelf needed warmth and texture.  You really get the homespun feel in to action playing off the books.

Blog 279
As you can see in the first photo…I added the plate.  I didn’t shop for it…I stole it!! Right off the dining room table (which is still set from the tablescape)  -- We have been eating…on the porch!

  I’m not sure why I grabbed the plate…I’m thinking I liked the white, but it will only work if I add a little something to the mix.  But, that’s the great part of shopping your house --- the return policy is VERY flexible :)

Blog 278Next week…I’ll be sharing a few tips for shopping your house…

But for this week think of the definition of “shop” according to Webster’s: to examine or buy an item.

Start examining what you already have with the same eager eye that you have at Pier 1, Target, the flea market, etc…

Thank You So Much for coming…by now you know party etiquette…so I’m going to simply ask that you don’t put your elbows on the table and please link back.

Oh…and no one likes to sit next to the guy who never stops talking about himself , so be a good listener and see what the other guests have to say by visiting their blogs.

Take a party favor if you like and put the Shop Your House logo in your sidebar…

And a polite thanks for having us in the comments would absolutely thrill me!!

I WAS SO WORRIED that I wouldn't get the Linky right that I posted before I got my code linked up so pretty please check back for the code or just use link it as a pic!!

So here you me YOUR dirty hands!!

PS...Scroll down to see "Sidebar Sensation"
Tell Shalom you found me here and she will give you 20% back on your purchase!!

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Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I'm soooo excited...I'm the first one to your PAR-TAY! Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a great one!


this blessed nest said...

you are so funny about getting ready to throw a blog party!!!
YOU ARE SO RIGHT! it is work and lots of time! the spring fling party i did a while back was so fun, but hard for me to comment via the twins. but everyone is busy with life. especially now with the weather getting better.

hey, i noticed your plant design business! great idea for you. those containers are beautiful as well. best of luck to you.

Vicky said...

Hey! I will link up to the party tomorrow....I've got some things waiting in the wings...but no pictures yet!! Until then, enjoy!

Shirley said...

You've given me inspiration! I have a lot that I've bought because I knew just what to do with them but haven't yet!! I need to do some of that in house shopping too! The little shelf looks great now and I love the soft add of the rugs.

Deborah said...

Great idea. Most of us already have so much in our house that we could really run with an idea like this. Thanks for sharing.

Coloradolady said...

I could shop like at a mall from my own house..LOL....loved how you put all of that great stuff together...looks wonderful. Have a great VTT!

CC said...

Everything looks so wonderful..Happy VTT..

AshTreeCottage said...

You made a simple shelf into a wonderful treasure filled with precious items!

Susan and Bentley

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

What a fun idea for la linky party--I will look for something to post! Thanks for sharing!

~~Carol~~ said...

I love those vintage metal shelves, and you did such a great job decorating it!
Happy VTT!

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Now I understand what to do!
I will be back next week--
now which room needs the most help?
Blessings to you as you make your home this week!

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