A Dream Date

You don’t have to live to be very old before you realize that life has moments that feel like waiting rooms…





we’ve been feeling that way regarding some shift changes that will give us more time together. In the mean time we are stealing little moments away. Except the Saturday before Easter when we stole a whole Saturday off together. We enjoyed getting up early, hooking up a trailer and spending the day together at one of my favorite places – an AUCTION!!! Getting to enjoy the day alone with each other made this feel like a DATE. We were a couple hours from our hometown, so we didn’t even have to do much polite mingling. We could hug and kiss and dare each other to bid – we felt like kids! PLUS++ we scored big time!!

Keep in mind that our main purpose was materials and fixtures for the 1800’s house, but we found other great trinkets along the way too.


The middle panel of these cabinet doors have pieces like the ones that hold a back on a picture frame so they will be so easy to paint up in my favorite color of the moment – white or even be replaced with glass.


We got many other doors and countertops that we really needed and brand new faucets and light fixtures for under $5 each!!!


Although I was super excited about these next few trinkets….



My favorite moment of the day was in the tool shed when some big bulky table stand thing sold reluctantly for $7 --- I look up and see my cowboy grinning from ear to ear. I ask what did you buy? He giggles – yes giggled…and said, “I don’t know. Let’s go see!!”


Why would any girl want dinner and a movie when you have all this instead?


Katie said...

Hey! You're always inspiring me to be a little more crafty - so I wanted to share these with you! :) My blog is nowhere near as good as yours, but I'm proud of how this project turned out - and I'm pretty sure you could take this idea and run with it! :) Might make super cute "toy storage" if nothing else!


Ioana-Carmen said...

love everything! would you enjoy following each other? kisses


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