Thoughts on Sewing

I like to sew.

I did NOT say – I can sew. I said I like to sew. There’s a difference. So if you sew because you are good at it – navigate away from this blog.

I enjoy sewing for others. Not because they will be impressed with my handiwork, but because I can think of them; reflect on memories together; and pray for them while I work on a little surprise.

Sewing for kids and babies is especially precious to me because I can pray for them and their future that’s just beginning while I sew.

I know that new motherhood is to be glorious and special just like the new bundle of joy. Yet, I remember many days that in the midst of breastfeeding, bottles, diaper changes, baths, spit-up and exhaustion that the only thing that made me feel like I “had it together” was a fresh, clean and stylish burp cloth. For a stolen moment I could feel like a magazine mom – even if I don’t really believe in such…


Now remember I only love the aesthetics of sewing, so I cheat. I cheat almost any way I can find. With that warning…here’s the how-to:

I used fat quarter panels for the decorative side and knit fabric in a coordinating fabric of knit, flannel, or terry on the reverse. Back in the day, I preferred different fabrics for different purposes, so I like to give the new mama a mix to choose from.

(A few I used a middle layer for absorbency)DSCN2554

Be sure to prewash and dry the fabric. (Iron too if needed) Measure out the fabric of choice for the reverse side. To cheater sew, I simply use the fat quarter as a pattern and cut around it.


Lay the two panels together with the patterned sides touching.


Pin the two together placing pins at intervals in a straight line around the perimeter of the desired shape and size of the cloth. Don’t forget to NOT sew about 3” of the cloth to leave room to turn it inside out.


Trim the excess outer edges of the fabric off. Leaving about 1/4” next to your seam. Sorry for the blur. Holding the camera, the fabric, and the scissors can prove a little trickier than one would expect.


Now you are ready to turn right side out.


Hand stitch or machine stitch the last 2-3 inches. I wasn’t coordinated enough to take a picture of that. If the stitching lines bother you that are barely seen…you can also add a decorative ribbon to disguise the stitching.


GOOD NEWS If this seems too complex, I have an even simpler method.

This time just sew the pieces together with the patterned sides already facing out.


Use a zig zag pattern on your machine to give a decorative touch.


Cut the excess off using decorative pinking shears and leaving about 1/2” clearance on the side.


I’ve decided this is my favorite way! After taking this photo I might even make summer placemats using this method.


But for now I’m busy wrapping up this little bundle of best wishes for baby and mama!


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