It takes some time to wind down from the festive holiday season! (I may or may not still have a tree still to take down...) It also takes time to go through photos and to reflect on the joy and love we have shared. As I did that for a bit tonight...I came across a confession I should share...

After our houseful of family for our blessed Thanksgiving, I couldn't resist a manic moment of changing the wall color while leftovers were still being packed away! It was kind of fun to have my sister trying to figure out what was different while she was out to lunch. It was a bold move I had been longing to try and I think all the cooking made me just delirious enough to give it a go.

So even with the centerpiece still on the table I gave it a shot. I'm eager to rid myself of all white in this house, but starting with such a dark slate is really a scary thing.

Before it was even dry, I knew I L-O-v-ed it!
It was also a great time to hang my architectural salvaged shelf!

Cowboy says every generation has their own version of silverware on the wall.

These canvas prints sure are better to me than the old wooden spoon and fork!

I'm really trying to cut down and clear clutter, but this will be a great place for my crockery... 

And occasional Fire King indulgence.

 I think once I'm ready to part with my touches of winter, I'm going to love this wall even more!

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April Dunlap said...

What a difference paint makes! Your wall is beautiful, your shelf looks GREAT, and I am now coveting a Fire King bowl with red rolling pin...oh, and I may DEFINITELY have a tree to take down still, too!
Happy VTT!

Dawn WeCallItJunkin said...

It's wonderful! Very bold color and it was a great choice, your rustic shelf, the cool prints, and all your vintage treasures really stand out against that deep color. LOVE that bowl, well, all the bowls (I'm a bowl collector). Take care - Dawn @ We Call It
History & Home Link Party, Tue-Fri weekly

Marianne Jeffrey said...

Gorgeous! I love that Fireking!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Fabulous wall! We made a similar bold move, painting our dining room a dark green. Love it, everything looks wonderful against it, shelves as well as art. Visiting from VTT. Signing up to follow you. :) Pam

LV said...

I am not sure I would have been as brave as you on the dark color. However, yours looks nice. All my walls are white as well.

LV said...

I am not sure I would have been as brave as you on the dark color. However, yours looks nice. All my walls are white as well.

Curtains in My Tree said...

yes your wall looks great

Cameron Von St James said...

Hi there! My name is Cameron and I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a quick question I have about your blog! My email is :-)

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