An update to the "nook"

We have spiral stairs. They are elegant. They are fun. They are a pain.
We intend to move them and put in a regular, boring, L-shaped, easy to carry your laundry up stair case. In the meantime, we have an odd nook. Truthfully it's one of my favorite places. It's just enough space for one, so no one gathers there and it's kind of peaceful.

Despite living at the end of along dirt road in the middle of nowhere...we don't have much of that around here.

I've always wanted one of the leather collars you see all too often.
At $10 I figured even if I used it in the garden I had found a bargain.

I wanted to use it in a less than cliche way.
Although, a screen door is a bit cliche too. But it's the right kind of cliche. 
In fact I sort of wish it was on the front door so I could holler "Don't let that door slam..."

The candles are a nice mood booster and the books are my cherished collection of Little House.
Who am I kidding...I am cliche.

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