Meet Francis

This is Francis.

I met Francis on my trip to China this summer.

 I haven't had time to tell you about it because there's so much to do as a teacher and mama getting ready for back to school.

Maybe you already checked out a few of my cheap and cute classroom secrets that work at home. 

As a teacher of gifted students who is always advocating for more rigor and higher learning, I often think of the performance of Chinese student with some envy. They are so dedicated. so disciplined. Few people in China will ever read this post. Blogger and all things Google are blocked, but let me tell you a bit more about Francis. He was typically sort of quiet, but as with most quiet folks....
when Francis did talk -- it was worth listening. 

So one night Francis asked me...
"Is it true that some people work and help others for free? I hear of this thing called volunteers."
After gathering that Francis was aware of missions work and 
confirming that volunteers do work for free to help others...Francis says, 
"Volunteers will change the world." 

Another inquiry Francis made:
"I hear that teaching in America is inspiring. Is this true?"

So the scene is set...are we ready to inspire?

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