Prepping for TV

I'm so far behind on updating what we've been doing here at R7.

In addition to chasing down escaped ponies and children, we have been very busy on the the house we call home. I promise I'll share some pics of that madness soon. 

But, this months big news (besides being thankful all month and blogging from my iPhone 6!) is our basement remodel we are about to tackle IN FRONT of  cameras!! That's right Wednesday we start shooting. 

Last night we went to pick up a few supplies. 

A new hat was first in the list so I can look official and such. 

Just to prove I wasn't just shopping for accessories.

A couple of my boys pushing some of the load to the front. 

Surprisingly the normally busy hardware store wasn't a happening place on a Friday night. Hmmm. That's interesting. 

Also of interest to many is how we ended up being chosen for the show so he's our cheesy video where I look like a big mouthed know it all. Guess they like that.

And here's our legit video explaining the project.

Be back soon with more!

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