This time of year is always so transitional. Kids going back to school. Thoughts of cooler weather. Mourning the days where 'going to the pool' was the most important thing on the agenda...

Fall has literally been creeping up on us here around R7.

Last year we tossed our pumpkins in a few strategic places hoping to get some this year. 
As it turns out nature had other plans for our pumpkins. 

Some little birdies or animals must have been scattering our seeds. 
Pumpkins are turning up in the most unexpected places.

The planner in me was a bit bummed that they didn't turn up in the spot I had picked out.
Truly though -- this has been so much fun not knowing where we will find them!

-- or how big they will get (or not).

So far the harvest is looking pretty bountiful!

The same "planner" in me doesn't like when I start to feel scattered. When my kids are scattered. When the calendars scattered. When our stuff is scattered.
I like gathering things just like our harvest of pumpkins.
(Notice the I and me theme...)

Guess what...
In the Bible the word scattered is used 82 times. A few of those refer to scattering grain or scattering animals, but nearly every other time the word scattered refers to people.
Sometimes they were scattered as God's discipline. Sometimes as a natural consequence of their action. Sometimes by persecution. But what we see when we look at the Bible as one big story of redemption. Your redemption. My redemption. All of those scatterings were to bring about Jesus and the church and a chance for us to live freely in Jesus.

God doesn't see scattered as the end. 
He sees it as a way to make us turn to Him. 
He sees it as a chance to use us in an unexpected place. 
A chance to use us in an unexpected way.

Our God is so great in the way he uses His creation to teach us His ways. 
Next time we find ourself in a place we didn't expect or feeling scattered in ways we don't want...
Think about how you can start to bloom right where you are at and trust the Master with the harvest.

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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