Dresser Makeover -- Cowgirl Fresh

I'm getting SO excited for the spring! 

Last fall I picked up this sweet little dresser at a garage sale.
The drawers inside were stamped from a furniture maker out east in the 1950's.

I was a little bit into the project when I realized I didn't have a 'before' picture but this pic of it sanded down and the first coat of primer started shows you the yellowish color that it was. 

It was missing handles but the drawers were in great shape and I know I'm not alone when I say for a dresser the #1 priority is easy open and close. 

I sort of liked the grayish white of the primer, so I mixed a couple of paint shades to match.

The handles didn't all match. I saw a rope handle dresser online, so I decided to give it a cowgirl's touch and use leather reins for the handles.

Cowboy happened to have these great flat head screws that look industrial 
but are more sturdy than a nail would be.

I was very tempted to bring it in the house, but then realized my kids' clothes are too big 
to fit in such a sweet little dresser. 

As you can guess -- it was quick to go at The Barn Sale.
Some little bundle of cowgirl baby has that sweet piece in her room now.

The stories and the people are 100% why I do this thing I do.

It's that or 100% madness on my part?

I'm eager for gardening and painting season to be here. 
What projects are you working on?

I still need to come across the just right dresser for a couple of our rooms....
what do you look for in a dresser?

From R7 to you -- 
Be a blessing.

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