Spring. Fresh look. Fresh start.

Where did the weekend go??
I'm not too sure.

I spent a little time celebrating my most viewed post ever!

 I do have some souvenirs from a little mom-daughter-grandaughter treasure hunt...

My mama found this great little miniature lantern.
If it weren't for all the wear and tear it shows I wouldn't love it half as much.

I think God's kind of like that with us. 
He loves us just the way we are with our chips and bruises and scrapes and scars. 
He's the One who sees the beauty in how He can use us.
He can use the broken parts and give us new life where we need it.

That's one of the best parts of spring right?!! 
New life. A fresh start. 

These old skates remind me of the longer warm days ahead...

The end of a school year! 

The season of white purses instead of white snow...
And for those who are truly from the sticks -- 

That's right -- a fresh layer of gravel on the old dirt road. 
This is a sure sign of spring!
I look forward to that grass turning green and the days getting longer.

What signs of spring did you see this weekend?

The opening of R7 Reclaimed Studio is getting oh so close...
Stay tuned. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for sneak peeks.

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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