Simplify. Cut the chaos. Get organized.

I am not alone.

The response from my Clear the Clutter post was overwhelming. We all want to feel more organized and less controlled by stuff. This isn't just about making our homes beautiful but freeing up more time to make our lives and relationships beautiful.

Another attempt at this here around R7 is finally giving in and setting up a system to handle the paperwork. I'm a teacher, so I'm familiar with how much of this paper we send in and out of your lives!! I've hesitated to set it up figuring we would never stick to it. I think we finally have it. 

I'll be honest that having our new white plank wall increases my LOVE for this.
This little basket actually folds up but it's the "inbox" if you will for mail, receipts, and other items that Cowboy and I need to sort through. There's even a handy little notepad in case the world stops spinning and our kids decide to communicate via written notes.

Mostly -- I'm hoping for a little love note from my Cowboy...

This "command center" if you will is set up near the back door. It's a nice central location just off the kitchen, the office, and the stairs. In the summer when we don't need it so much the back door will be open and it will be out of sight and mind. (Teacher perks)

I found this great calendar at Target. We've tried sharing Google calendars, family apps, day planners and all the rest. The desk size calendar seems to work best to keep us all on the same page.
I've always hated the ugly of a big white calendar on the desk or dining table, so this beautiful one from Target hanging on the wall is a little piece of delicious for the eyes to me.

Each kid gets a clipboard for their calendars and invitations and reminders and lists and whatever else would otherwise clutter up the fridge.

The natural light in the space makes it a pleasant place to stand and jot notes and look things over.

I've left room for more clipboards or baskets as we need them.
The most important thing is to keep it simple, so that it works!

One step closer to more time available for the people we L-O-ve!!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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