Reclaimed Dining: Breakfast Room Table

I love dining tables.
At just seventeen, I bought my first one; and the obsession was born.

There's something so special about the time spent around the table. 
I just recently shared some of our kitchen and dining room here.

I crave not just the delicious prepared meals but the time of lingering and talking.
So, it was a no brainer when Cowboy pointed out this metal outdoor dining set at an auction.

I forgot to take a "before" pic as usual but it was all metal with no seats or table top.
We had some scraps of "car siding" similar to what we used on our family room ceiling.

The texture and warmth of the wood against the classic black metal is such a great combination.
(For those wondering about the "how-to"...after fitting together the wood pieces we removed the top and drilled holes in the metal to secure the wooden top to the table.

The next challenge was the chairs. I was thinking I would cover them. But, when Cowboy cut out wooden seats and I glossed a little stain over it I fell even more in love with the contrast.

Don't mind the toilet seat in the background. Things get a little crazy around here.

After the stain was dry, I put a couple coats of coconut oil on the wood. 
I use this on quite a few of our tables and our butcher block island as well. 

We hope the new family enjoys many meals and memories gathered around their table.
We enjoyed so much of the Good Maker's Market and to all of you we say...

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

P.S.  For another fun dining idea you can check this out...

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Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Genius idea! I love the contrast of the wood and the metal. Doing the seats in wood was especially genius and they look fabulous. My hubby is a woodworker so I have a wood appreciation. :)

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