Sidebar Sensation!

As a new blogger, I change my sidebar more often than anything on the blog.  I’m still trying to find contentment over there,  but two things have been the same nearly since the beginning…

Two buttons:  One is my cool friend Amy who inspired me to get started and is my ever patient, always available, sounding board, good idea girl and blogging friend! 

But this isn’t about her --- sorry Amy.

It’s about the other button…this one!!

Shalom has been with me from the beginning!

Shalom’s Cottage Home is an incredible online shop that I was thrilled to bring to my brick and mortar.  She specializes in very cheerful, unique, cozy-yet-contemporary art for the home. 

I can’t wait to use her personalized invitations for my upcoming garden party!! 

You’ve also seen her note cards turned into artwork in one of my earliest posts…Sticks & Stones  
card sets

I think it would be so great to throw a shower…use her  personalized invitations, decorate the table with framed note cards, give journals and mini notebooks for favors and prizes…and then give the showered friend the matching artwork for a keepsake!!!  Who wants to let me throw them a shower???

Go over and visit Shalom’s Cottage Home…she frequently gets visits from friends who have gotten their hands dirty and loves it every time!!!

I love this quote from Shalom…
“Here’s to designing your own life and not being afraid to take risks - it's totally worth it!”

PS…if you think it makes sense for your blog, shop or biz to have a spot on my sidebar…get in touch with me…

1 comment:

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

These are so, so lovely!
What talent!
You can throw me a shower, but for what, I don't know!
Lemme think about it.
I have a question about Weds. Shop Your House.
I have been looking for the "rules".
Did you post about it?
If so, what is supposed to happen in my home that I link up to you for, that day?
I am sorry if this is a dumb question!
Thank you!!
You can leave me a comment on my latest post, or email me.

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