Bathroom Makeover in a Day

Our family bathroom has been in need of some updating…
OK…that’s not true. The whole thing needs gutted and remodeled!With our never-ending remodeling goals of creating a house-like home out of 2 apartments put together, the budge for such is not a possibility. So I decided the first steps were to paint the dark brown ugly wood cabinets black to add sophistication and a contemporary feel. With very dirty hands (covered in primer and black paint) I found that I was WRONG! See…I’ll prove it…
I had to do something, so I decided to try a “white-out affect.” Now the major dilemma with this is behind the toilet and sink is laminate paneling discolored by wear and tear. I decided to be very brave and prime the laminate and see what happened.
For the record…handsome cowboy was at work while I was conducting these experiments…
DSCN2337 DSCN2338
It worked!! Now this bathroom is very short on storage space and that’s putting it lightly. I knew that I couldn’t put the tall cabinet back in the corner unless I painted it white and I didn’t want to paint it white. Plus there were a few elements that I L-O-ve and wanted to keep.
I had lots of time to think while my hands were dirty (this time in white paint)…
I remembered that I had these stashed in the back bedroom that’s not finished….evidence once again that this blog is real…and a little embarrassing at times like these.
DSCN2339 I added these to the white-out brigade…
I remembered seeing huge mirrors for just $14.99 at the Man Store, so while the last coat dried I ran to town. Well…drove.
Taking down the tiny medicine cabinet/mirror and replacing it with this huge bargain brightened it up, but presented a new problem…where to keep the toothbrushes -- (real life!)
How could one not be in L-O-ve with this!!!

Remember these????
Read more about that infamous flea market!

So in a day and for under $30 I can live with our bathroom and actually L-O-ve and appreciate its beauty!!
DSCN2337 A few tips…
- Moving the towel rack from the opposite wall and tucking it under the cabinet made the bathroom feel more spacious but allowed me to keep out one of my favorite things.
- I primed and painted all of the wooden towel fixtures except the hand towel ring to save money.
- I “splurged” on handles for the cabinets so that grimy fingers won’t be a problem
- A little fresh green plant brings in a luxury feel without taking up much valuable space.
- To cut down on storage on the bookshelves I organized rarely used items such as medicines and seasonal items like sunscreen into clear storage containers. These are easily stored under the sink now that they are contained.
And don’t stop dreaming…I hope to add a sconce to the wall that I painted “Dusty Trail” (L-O-ve it!) That would give me a little more light and really polish off the more contemporary, luxurious feel of a $30 bathroom…

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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Very nice. The light update makes it seem much larger. Nice job.

Randell Jeffries said...

That was some makeover you did there! I think going with plain white walls was a good idea because it kind of sets a relaxing and clean ambiance, but you can also try to liven up the space a little with some colors. Also, adding some scented candles can create a better atmosphere.

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