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In our slow transition from two economy style apartments to “proud owner’s home” made-over with love, style and simplicity, our living room is evolving into a style of it’s own. This is unusual for me because I always have a vision and a plan!

This room must…

-Reflect our family’s style

-Be cohesive with the style and feel of the rest of the house

-Be functional. Which for us means …

- A place that we walk-through often

- A place where we can watch TV, read, and relax

- A place where we occasionally entertain visitors

- A place where we can exercise (INSANITY!)

- A place where we can make music and dance

- A place that is mostly dog-on-couch friendly

-Be something I enjoy looking at too!!

Whenever I approach ANY room (for myself or for others) the first and most important step is to identify the “Must haves,” “Must go’s,” and “Maybes”

While I sort those out…I’ll show you one thing that Must-Go from the Living room




My camera within cowboy’s reach…



While I sit and ponder my Living Room….think about how your Living Room reflects your family --- are you really LIVING in it???

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