Happy Back to School!

What a week of getting back to school. I'm lost in data and codes...but every child's formal education should begin with pictures like this taken from proud parents like me!!


I did shed a tear, but he sort of laughed at me.


I’m sure in 12 years he will laugh at me again when I take this same picture and the falcon looks small…


Thank you to enthusiastic students, hard-working teachers, and supportive parents all over this nation.

Happy Back-to-School!!!!!


Kayla said...

I love first days of school pictures. Children seem so excited. I kinda laughed after noticing as the pictures went through his smile got the "Not another picture mom" look about them. My niece started Kindergarten last Thursday and her smile did the same thing.

Katie said...

ah! He is tooo cute! =). One of the ladies I teach with does a picture at the start of every school year with her son holding a sign saying what he wants to be when he grows up ... it's cute to watch it change! :)

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