I’m participating in Kelly’s Corner Show Us Your Life. It’s always fun to have someone give you a topic. OK…maybe that’s just the teacher in me that thinks that’s fun. But ANYONE will think it’s fun to see everyone’s tables! Tables all over your home. What’s on them?

Here’s a real life glimpse at ours…no prep or staging…ready?! I’m not!!

In the Girls’/Guest Room


In our Dining Room…


For those of you who might be thinking ‘get real!’ you can have a clean dining room table too! The key is keep anything other than dishes that goes to and from the table on a tray…It keeps me happy to see my table and his play things are always within easy reach…

DSCN3641 I was just thinking…I learned the “tray trick” in my early blogging days…so if you’re bored…look here.

Our living room.


We don’t have a short table in front of furniture…otherwise known as coffee tables…I love that our clutter has to be contained to this one little table. I’m learning so much from our expanded down-sized living space :) You’ll see cards and a score pad on a table somewhere in our house at all times. I L-O-ve that my husband and son both love to play cards with me.

Because this is about all the counter work space I have in my kitchen…



I use this little table as my work space…don’t mind the trim just leaning instead of being put up…


Now…since this is my workspace…it doesn’t really look like this. I tried. It’s not reasonable. Of course, sometimes I’m not reasonable either. To my sisters, my mother, and my husband. Go ahead print this. I’ll sign it. I confess.

Really my table looks like this


Yes…that’s a hammer. A left-behind item. Not a cooking utensil


I added this tub to the top and really it works quite well to hold my pot lids, extra cutting board and bread


I’d love to show you more about my creative, cozy kitchen but we are talking tables and I have just one table left to show you.

After this I may never return to blog again, but we are keeping it real – right?

side table

This is my side table! Such a terrible habit to use it as a dumping ground!

side table 2

Even my cowboy’s table put’s mine to shame!

Maybe I should post this and clean up my night stand…or maybe I should just be glad I have a sip of water handy and curl up on the bed and see what everyone else has on their tables….


Boo's Basket said...

I love all your pics, especially your kitchen and your honesty. I would have had to clean all my table up had I linked up to the party! Great blog...if you get a chance stop by and say howdy!

Tammy Partin Spangler said...

Lovely pics!!!

Kayla said...

I have to say my tables are bad! Especially my night stand. It is worst than yours. And my kitchen table is full of things I need to go through and work up. It mainly becomes a dumping ground with a couple of spaces to sit and eat every once in a while.

Julie Rogers said...

Your kitchen table is a beauty! WIsh I could keep mine looking that good;)


The Lindsey Family said...

Thank you for stopping by my site, and I have loved visiting yours and getting to see your home. I love how you have combined lovely touches with functionality.

Healthy Branscoms said...

I love your kitchen table! It looks so cozy in there! :)

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