In case you didn’t know

I have a little secret. Nothing earth shattering. Maybe not even something new to you.
But…if you’re in the mood for a quick, cheap, maintenance-free yard spruce-up then scroll on.

I’m ashamed that the gardener in me has mostly been on vacation for 2 years now. I still L-O-ve my containers.

Like these that I grew last summer so we could use them when we tied our knot.
(He’s grinning like he’s about to get married or something!)

Or remember these?!Begonia_Basket_thumb[1] (I inspire myself!)

If you’re as beat by the heat as most take a peek back here. You won’t regret it!
Alas…this isn’t about me previously being a dirt diva and currently being a swing sitter…

It’s about a quick fix for this!
Cowboy is the handiest man I’ve ever met (in every way – oops. wrong blog) BUT he is not a fan of trimming. He claims it’s due to flashbacks. Something about scissors and a fence….

The FIX!

I pulled the weeds first because it had just rained and it felt good to pull them out so easy, but you can just smother them too!

No weeds are getting through here for quite a few years!! 

I used newspaper so that if I want to plant something later I can dig right through it. If you are clearing a new area or never plan to plant…carpet and rug remnants work great!!! I won’t put edging or rocks to trim because this is SO easy to mow around and then no weeding is involved. Don’t mulch more than a few inches deep or it’s no good for the tree (despite what you see in many parks)…
I think now I’ll go back to sitting in the swing.

PS….those cannas by the swing. Same trick. Haven’t pulled a weed there in 2 years…

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Kayla said...

We did this at the previous house for the same exact reason. John hates weeding. It got so bad that something had to be done and I needed a place to put the ton (about a trash truck full) of wood chips my dad got me.

Katie said...

My in-laws put down "rubber mulch" this year because they got tired of re-mulching all the time. We'll see if this lasts any better... :S.

Also, since we are renting I have a 'container garden' in the front of our house (didn't want to plant a lot since we don't plan on being here overly long) ... DEFINITELY thought of you when I was planting things in all my pots! =)

Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

I think even when I have a veggie garden again I want to try raised containers. Take a pic and show us Katie :)

Katherines Corner said...

Great tips. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs!

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