Wooden Wall Rack

The 1800's house (some day I will get all the after pictures up) has been a great place to dig up hidden treasures like crocks for my shelf in the dining room and the screen door I have fun with seasonally...

Another gem from the old buildings is this wooden rack...not too sure what you would call it...

I have known from the start that I wanted to see this hung on the wall, but I imagined it somewhere as a magazine rack. I'm so glad I waited. I L-O-ve getting to combine these things that I l-o-ve.

For all you pallet wood inventors out there this would probably be easy to reproduce...
(Just send me the royalties)

I've wondered about it's original purpose many times. 
I had never noticed this until the light from the camera made it more visible.
Still have no idea though of its purpose.

It's purpose for me is obvious...holding my very favorite cookbooks.

This looks like nothing special but I remember clearly receiving it as a gift from my aunt and uncle. As a junior high student at the time, I remember thinking what an odd gift...maybe I'll use it for photos...
Oh how they knew so much better than I did!
I have really enjoyed having a place to keep all of my favorite family recipes and new favorites from friends.

And then there's this...
Indeed...this find from a garage sale has given me so many new ideas and helped me through those painful moments in the kitchen when I had no idea how to stick my hand up the rear of that raw chicken and such...
C'mon gals...I know you were there once too.

You've already noticed this in the pic above.
Niece, cousin, or friend getting married this summer? Get her this.
It's a new version that's made in vintage style.
Again. a life saver. Well, supper saver.
I rarely follow the recipes exactly, but it's a reference guide that even google can't keep up with.

The church cookbook. Enough said. Those faith-filled ladies' reputations were on the line. 
It's good.

Still no trim. That pantry door will someday soon be a chalkboard.

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